Jacare retires from BJJ & Grappling

by Eduardo Ferreira | source: tatame.com

Ronaldo Jacare was the only fighter in history to win titles on the open class of the Mundia;s, ADCC and MMA. Now, his career has only one direction. Minutes after being defeated by Braulio Estima in ADCC’s super fight, which happened in Nottingham, England, Jacare talked to TATAME and announced he will no longer fight Jiu-Jitsu or Submission.

Eduardo Ferreira: The last time you fought Grappling was in 2009, when you beat Drysdale up and earn the right to fight Bráulio this year. How was it for you, that is more focused in MMA now?

Jacare Souza: I wasn’t 100%, so I let him play the game. I knew it’d be a really tough fight in advance, so my game plan was to leave him with all responsibility because he’s fighting for a long time, he got the best timing for Submission… He really was the favorite. I did a tough bout, prevented him from taking me down many times, I just don’t know why the judges didn’t give me a point. On the back he was quicker, but you can’t argue in Abu Dhabi… It’s crazy.

EF: You talked much before the fight, claiming you had defeated him five times. Was it to promote the fight or were you trying to give him all responsibility?

JS: I wasn’t 100% on the fight, so I thought all responsibility on his hands. Of course that if you see me fighting, check my record, see where I came from, a five-round bout, where there was much striking, naturally I wouldn’t be 100%.

EF: What are the plans now?

JS: I’m thinking about the next one. I want rematch Rockhold and that’s it. I’m a guy focused in MMA now.

EF: And if you get invited for a matched up fight in Jiu-Jitsu or Submission… Are you willing to take it?

JS: I won’t do it anymore. I’m retired. It was my last one.

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GreatCornholio site profile image  

9/24/11 7:52 PM by GreatCornholio

Absolutely one of the greats. I'd like to see him come back after he's done with MMA. (Any precedent for this?)

6 Late Hammerfists site profile image  

9/24/11 6:52 PM by 6 Late Hammerfists

I'm no JJ fanboy but I gotta give this guy respect. You'd be a nutcase not to.

supersaiyan site profile image  

9/24/11 6:38 PM by supersaiyan

i wish him the best on his future endeavors for whatever he does

supersaiyan site profile image  

9/24/11 6:36 PM by supersaiyan

lol yep...some ppl just make a thing so unneccesarily complex for no reason

Silhouette site profile image  

9/24/11 6:35 PM by Silhouette

and as far as mma what is he 15-4 against good competition not great but pretty solid.rockhold is young but hes no slouch and trains with one of the best camps in the country

Silhouette site profile image  

9/24/11 6:28 PM by Silhouette

I shouldnt bite but..are you kidding me cmon sonADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship: ADCC 2009 Superfight Champion (against Robert Drysdale) ADCC 2005 77 – 87kg: 1st Place Openweight: 2nd Place ADCC 2003 77 – 87kg: 2nd Place ADCC 2003 Brazilian Qualifiers 77 – 87kg: 1st Place CBJJ World Championships: 2005 Black Belt Medium Heavy: 1st Place Black Belt Open Weight: 1st Place 2004 Black Belt Medium Heavy: 2nd Place Black Belt Open Weight: 1st Place 2003 Brown Belt Medium Heavy: 1st Place Brown Belt Open Weight: 1st Place 2002 Brown Belt Medium Heavy: 1st Place Brown Belt Open Weight: 2nd Place 2001 Purple Belt Middle: 1st Place Purple Belt Open Weight: 1st Place CBJJ Pan American Championships: 2004 Black Belt Medium Heavy: 1st Place Black Belt Open Weight: 1st Place CBJJ European Championships: 2005 Black Belt Medium Heavy: 1st Place Black Belt Open Weight: 2nd Place CBJJ Brazilian Championships: 2004 Brown Belt Medium Heavy: 1st Place BJJ World Cup: 2005 Black belt: 2nd place 2004 Black belt: 1st placeyea overrated

nkorect site profile image  

9/24/11 6:25 PM by nkorect

BJJ is overrated period.College wrestlers fresh out of college with no BJJ background can completely nullify even the most seasoned grapplers and their BJJ credentials with their mere wrestling base alone.You need any proof? Just look at a rookie Bader when he completely schooled Lil Nog on the ground, who has one of the strongest BJJ pedigrees in the world. Even Brilz old washed up wrestling background canceled Nog's BJJ out. Day by day, BJJ is becoming more and more irrelevant. Just face it and let it go already. BJJ and grappling tournaments will never hold the significance they once did.

ednzo777 site profile image  

9/24/11 6:17 PM by ednzo777

nkcorect its called evolving.Evolving will cost you. Thats what happansif hes overrated then so is Maia

nkorect site profile image  

9/24/11 6:15 PM by nkorect

Overrated tbh. Not that big of a loss to the grappling world. If he was what everyone makes him out to be, he would've easily submitted Rockhold.He had clinch for atleast a full 2 1/2 rounds of that fight, and did nothing with it with his so-called "world class" grappling. Then when he did get the fight to the ground and got dominant position, he couldn't slip 1 submission on Luke. Sorry, but overrated. Not looking at this as a loss to the ADCC. Just looking at it as good for Jacare, he was only going to ruin his reputation going out there and being non competitive in these tournaments. He got exposed and he can't deal with it, so to save face, he announced his retirement. Good for him, but I wasn't fooled by the hype. Not going to miss him competing ADCC in the least.