Gracie Breakdown of Jones vs. Rampage, triangle, takedown, choke

source: GracieAcademy

Rener and Ralek dissect key moments in the Jon Jones vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson title fight. They start with an in-depth analysis of the Flying Friangle that Jon Jones threw on Quinton Jackson at the end of round two. Then, they go into the swift takedown that Jones landed in round four as well as the intricacies of the Rear Naked Choke that ended the fight.


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IP site profile image  

10/2/11 2:38 PM by IP

I like what these brother do - entertaining and informative. Keep it up.

tenchu site profile image  

10/2/11 2:33 PM by tenchu

Great breakdown. Great teachers.

supersaiyan site profile image  

10/2/11 12:57 PM by supersaiyan

You sound not so bright arguing with a so called "mentally challenged" person as if that isnt proof that you seem to be "slow" on your part. I had already said it wasnt that deep. Guess that makes it more fulfilling in your eyes to keep beating a dead horse over nothing that is really not all that serious but yet here you are grinding away.Once again there you are looping me and 2010 members together with stereotypical nonsense. The issue apparently you have is with me ...leave the other folks that have nothing to do with it out of it. You can save the "respect" speech for your daily mirror reflections sessions. Believe me I have it where its destined and meant for me. Its not needed or wanted from everyone nor do I give it to everyone...its a 2way street. Thats just a general fact that no matter who you are or what you've done -everyone isnt going to "respect" someone -even the Gracies and bjj so be realistic.Truth be told you dont know anything what I have accomplished in life so unless you know for fact...dont say anything about it. Bottom line you dont respect me and I dont respect you... now we can all go back to our lives ...especially since this is the final post on this thread I will be putting on this thread. We can agree to disagree- let that be the end.that is all from me on this matter

studiocamp site profile image  

9/30/11 10:22 AM by studiocamp

Every post of yours just mount up the evidence for you being mentally challenged, which if that's the case you should at least tell somebody, or have a disclaimer in your posts so nobody wastes anymore time on you. You and 10rs don't deserve respect, it is something to be earned. The Gracies, unlike you, have actually accomplished things in their lives, and in the MMA community. Here, they should be given respect and it is obvious to everyone but you.

ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

9/28/11 12:53 PM by ALL DAY JAY


elburrogrande site profile image  

9/27/11 2:02 PM by elburrogrande

hahaha is that really what he is saying? I have seen most of the breakdown videos and its the first time I notice it. good stuff.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

9/27/11 1:18 PM by SKARHEAD

Instead of just enjoying (or ignoring) a good informative breakdown...immature hater weasels come oot in droves to spout negativity but only make themselves look like idiots.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

9/27/11 1:16 PM by SKARHEAD

Gracie threads broing all the small minded hater idiots out. Wow.yes...let's shit on guys that teach jiu jitsu for not breaking down when jiu jitsu failed.Idiots.

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9/27/11 1:13 PM by SKARHEAD

You mean Werdum vs Fedor...yes you did.