$355,000 in performance bonuses for TUF 16 Finale, TUF 16, UFC on FX 6

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale
Saturday December 16, 2012
Hard Rock Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

$40,000 Performance Bonuses

Fight of the Night:
Tim Elliott and Jared Papazian ($40,000/each)

Submission of the Night:
T.J. Waldburger ($40,000)

Knockout of the Night:
Pat Barry ($40,000)

The previous night half way across the planet in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia at UFC on FX 6, three other fighters won US $40,000 performance bonuses.

Fight of the Night:
Cody Donovan and Nick Penner  ($40,000/each)

Knockout of the Night:
Ben Alloway ($40,000)

There were no submission finishes at UFC on FX 6, and thus there was no Submission of the Night: performance bonus awarded.

UFC on FX 6 aired on Friday morning in North America, due to the time difference.

The organization also announced performance bonuses in the amount of $25,000 for TUF season 16.

Submission of the Season:
Jon Manley ($25,000) 

KO of the Season
Mike Ricci ($25,000)

Fight of the Season
Colton Smith vs. Eddy Ellis ($25,000) 

That makes a total of $355,000 in performance bonuses announced in a 24 hour period.