Dangerous reffing in unregulated MMA bout

source: The Underground

Bryan "The Lion" McVea vs. Julian Walters
FarmersMarket OKC
Dec 10,2010

At the 11:30 mark a boxing referee brought in for an unregulated MMA bout takes an unconscionably long time to stop the match.

Below, a leading Oklahoma promoter provides further details

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I've been producing Combat MartialArts in Oklahoma since 1977.  My companies currently produce 16 shows a year in Oklahoma, and in 35 years we have never had a bad injury of any kind.  But that's not the case everywhere in Oklahoma, some Native casinos allow unregulated events where you can have a veterinarian as a ring physician and a plumber for a referee. This has got to stop. 

There's no room for "experiments" like Tri-combat, or unregulated amateur boxing and kickboxing events, or unregulated MMA at casinos. C-3, it's time to do the right thing.  Pay the $5,000 per event it takes to  regulate your events.  That will also keep fighters frombeing suspended 60 days everytime they fight for you.


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10/5/11 1:39 AM by THEENANIGHTMARE

 LOL! That damn Shibby THEE#1NDN

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10/4/11 7:19 PM by BLPorritt


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10/4/11 4:04 PM by shibbyguy

 I hope they still have the tri combat show. its going to take MMA boxing and kickboxing to the next level. you guys shouldnt hate!

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10/4/11 3:34 PM by pillbottle

I think he was trying to spell penix, which of course is plural for penis.

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 LOL! No shit Porritt THEE#1NDN

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10/3/11 11:56 PM by BLPorritt

Hookt on PhEonix learnt him good!!!!!

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10/3/11 5:32 PM by Diesel67

 I kind of like football players who give huge intimidating hits.  It's the combat mindset.  Jack Tatum's hook tackles.  http://youtu.be/gARi1MIyPRc   If you're a player watching that, what's gonna go thru your mind next time Tatum runs at you?  Same with jiujitsu fighters exulting when they break an arm or leg; it's what they train to do.  If the opponent doesn't tap, his arm goes SNAP.   http://diesel67pix.multiply.com/video/item/168 Did Shaq ever apologize for his humongous elbows?  http://diesel67pix.multiply.com/video/item/40  A marine I know told me that they're trained not to hold back even in training.  You go for the kill, and rely on the drill instructor not to let things get out of hand.  It's all about attitude; cultivate it in training or it won't come in combat.

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10/3/11 11:06 AM by Stunpals

Are they still trying to run that crap show in Tulsa?

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10/3/11 6:40 AM by virux11b

No shit!

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I hope that you expected to get teased for spelling your screenname wrong THEE#1NDN