Controversial stoppage in Roller vs. Grant

source: The Underground

The UFC on Versus 6 undercard featured an excellent fight between Shane Roller and T.J. Grant, with a controversial ending.

In the third round Grant hit Roller with a big right hand, only to be taken down by Roller. Undeterred, Grant locked in a guillotine, and when Roller pulled his head out, transitioned to an armbar. 

The referee, Fernando Yamasaki, brother of Mario, stepped in and stopped the fight at 2:12.

However, Roller never tapped. Neither did Roller's arm extend all the way.

Roller did however grunt.

Roller complained. Commentator Joe Rogan complained.

The referee stood by his decision however, later saying that under the rules interpretation in DC, yelling out in pain could constitute a verbal submission.

Grant later said to a Canadian newspaper “He didn’t tap out or verbally tap, but he did yell out in pain, so the referee stopped the fight. It was very close for me to just breaking his arm, so that was that. I’ve had a million armbars on and it was a mat­ter of time before that thing broke."


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demandango site profile image  

10/4/11 5:28 AM by demandango

no way he was getting out of that. if he wanted it to break he shouldn't have made noise.

MM-eh site profile image  

10/3/11 8:52 PM by MM-eh

 Although TJ and Mark would be an entertaining fight, I personally wouldn't want to see it happen. No reason for two Canadians to fight each other, let alone Nova Unaio teammates.

Empire site profile image  

10/3/11 8:37 PM by Empire

if submissions and jits is his strength, a fight w/ bocek is a bad move. bocek is top tier submission fighter w/ great wrestling. i really like tj grant's style though. he did his thing.

fakezaga site profile image  

10/3/11 8:17 PM by fakezaga

True fact: TJ Grant used to work in a donair shop carving the beast himself!

RJJH site profile image  

10/3/11 5:53 PM by RJJH

I have had donair's all over Canada. the best I have had King donair in Kingston Ontario. was like a CFL football. I couldn't even eat half and at the rest the next morning. there is one place in Calgary that is open until 5am. the sign says closes at 3am, but the amount of drunk people leaving the bars has that place open all night sometimes. I fucking love donair.

C Riv site profile image  

10/3/11 5:53 PM by C Riv

I thought TJ looked like Jason Statham...imoAnd a big +1 for Donairs!!

duckrabbit site profile image  

10/3/11 5:50 PM by duckrabbit

screaming = submitting, period. If you want to be cool and break your own arm, have the discipline to shut up. this should be called the Sonnen rule.

Jack Skellington site profile image  

10/3/11 5:46 PM by Jack Skellington

It was originally introduced in Halifax, NS Canada in the early 1970s. The meat is sliced from a loaf cooked on a vertical spit, made from a combination of ground beef, flour or bread crumbs, and various spices with sweet sauce. The meat and sauce are served rolled in a flat-bread pita with diced tomato and onion. And it tastes as good as it sounds. 

smoogy site profile image  

10/3/11 5:33 PM by smoogy

 A properly made donair oven sub is the greatest take-out item ever