Garcia expects dogfight in rematch with Phan


“My biggest fear in the last fight was gassing out. I just had no gas. It felt like I was driving a race car with a quarter tank on a full track. I made it work, but I feel like I coasted at times, and didn’t do the things that I know I can do. I know Nam is coming into this fight well prepared, but when he sees the shape I’m in this time, I hope he knows he’s gonna be in for a dog fight. I’ve..." 

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MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

10/8/11 2:50 AM by MasterofMartialArts

 THIS In that fight Phan's punches were much more accurate and effective. Garcia lands like 15 percent of what he throws.

Crooklyn site profile image  

10/8/11 1:37 AM by Crooklyn


LayNprayNINJA site profile image  

10/7/11 8:25 PM by LayNprayNINJA

Yeah you're one who is a counter puncher ever finishes!!! DERP! Phan was clearly just trying to score points... Let's not make the rules fair for all styles of fighters...let's force them to change their style to fit biased criteria! Great call.     

1 2 3 ACE site profile image  

10/7/11 8:23 PM by 1 2 3 ACE

Yeah. What I don't get is that it's supposed to be 'effective aggression', ie. actually landing when you come forward rather than swinging and missing. I wonder what the point is when there are criteria for striking and grappling anyway... Problem is, you just know most judges give ridiculous credit to guys that come forward and swing wildly over and over. The crazy amount of gift decisions Garcia gets makes a heavy body of evidence on its own.I'm taking Phan, but you never know with a Garcia fight. One of the absolute worst ones was one of the judges giving him the Hominick fight. It gets forgotten because Hominick still won, but my God... was one of those that makes you think that particular judge should not be doing the job. Completely and utterly outclassed and yet that judge thought he won..

OftheWay site profile image  

10/7/11 8:08 PM by OftheWay

Then Phan should stop ONLY counter punching and fight to finish.

Immaculata site profile image  

10/7/11 7:52 PM by Immaculata

The reason I get excited for fights like this is because it was such a bad decision and there has been so much time in between the fight. My only problem with Leonard is that he thinks it was a cardio problem. It wasn't. He likes to Brawl and Phan picked him a part. Has he learned from that?IDK. Styles make fights, but so does mentality. I'm expecting a more competitive fight this time around.

LayNprayNINJA site profile image  

10/7/11 7:36 PM by LayNprayNINJA

 Garcia via horrible decision again. He will yell and plod forward missing the vast majority. Garcia's decision wins are the PERFECT examples of why "Aggression" should be eliminated from the scoring criteria.

nokuout site profile image  

10/7/11 7:04 PM by nokuout

The problem with this fight is that you have two guys that don't have crazy knockout power that will stand and punch each other with wreckless abandon for three full rounds. Nam has crazy, stupid, body shots that can drop anyone. But Garcia will be expecting those. It will be hard for either guy to finish the fight standing and banging.Nam has really, really, really good jiu jitsu for mma. I think he can finish Garcia on the ground. It will be an exciting fight. But if it stays standing, the judges will be deciding again. And these judges suck.I'm a huge Nam Phan fan. I hope he takes it to the ground, submits Garcia, and redeems and takes submission of the night home.

Crooklyn site profile image  

10/7/11 5:46 PM by Crooklyn

It's gonna be a great one. You guys should check out the audio version, because he dishes on Brittney Palmer in it. It's some good stuff, lol. 

Immaculata site profile image  

10/7/11 5:37 PM by Immaculata

Can't wait for this rematch.