'Doomsday' back on track, picks up win in Florida; complete photos

by Mario Morales | source: cagejunkies.com

The main event of the evening lived up to it’s top billing with Howard and Olson giving the fans their money’s worth in terms of excitement, suspense and adrenaline. Olson who felt disrespected coming into the fight with Howard showed he was on the same level as the UFC veteran going toe to toe throughout the fight.

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slugshot331 site profile image  

10/11/11 1:46 AM by slugshot331

That one black dude looks like Dwayne Wade.

mmavixen site profile image  

10/10/11 11:53 PM by mmavixen

 I'll pay for the tickets as long as the music changes.  The music was unbearable last night! But props on everything else, including lighting and the use of announcer Joe Martinez.

Chris site profile image  

10/10/11 11:43 PM by Chris

 chainsaw. check your gmail.

Chainsaw Charles site profile image  

10/10/11 11:36 PM by Chainsaw Charles

CFA has committed to the long term and they are strong business minded people. I expect them to become a big deal sooner rather than later. Florida is a hotbed of home grown talent and they are willing to fly in top talent from around the world.

Chainsaw Charles site profile image  

10/10/11 11:35 PM by Chainsaw Charles

Duece: I do work with the CFA - The first thing the CEO Jorge De La Noval told me last night was he needs to change the DJ lol. As for the ticket prices I hear ya - top talent doesn't fight cheap :(.

DueceDroppin site profile image  

10/10/11 9:33 PM by DueceDroppin

Agreed...CFA is putting on awesome events. The best thing is the caliber of fighters that they are putting on their cards. No scrubs fighting at these events! All solid fighters! My only complaints last night are/were: 2 fights in the first 2 hours of the event...Those bleachers start to get brutal on the ass! AND...Charles..PLEASE PLEASE MOTHER FUCKING PLEASE if you have connections there/work for them make them change that GAY ASS FUCKING rave music that they were blasting all night! I know it's Miami and people have terrible taste in music here but there has to be some kind of compromise!Lastly...$45 for a fucking ticket? Considering I took a date, that was $90 bones. I make a decent living and that still sucked, so I can imagine how many people didn't come because of that, which would probably explain the small crowd. So yeah...CFA is a great org overall. I really hope that they can stay in business and keep putting on great fights!

John Harris site profile image  

10/10/11 3:27 PM by John Harris

I watched the stream.  It was a great night of fights.  I was pleasantly surprised.   From the looks of CFA, someone down there is spending some bread to put on some good fights.

Chainsaw Charles site profile image  

10/10/11 3:04 PM by Chainsaw Charles

Agreed CFa is really doing it right.