Harris responds to being called 'N' word in hate mail

source: fcfighter.com

Dream middleweight star Gerald “Hurricane” Harris addresses keyboard warriors that have attacked him as well as other fighters online and responds to a racial slur that was directed at him.

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ausgepicht site profile image  

10/11/11 7:08 PM by ausgepicht

Slavery may be 150 years in the past, but bigotry and racism aren't.  

UnionofAlliedCitizens site profile image  

10/11/11 7:00 PM by UnionofAlliedCitizens

Attention whoring at its worst imo. I bet its happened to every black mma fighter but you never hear them complain about it. Grow a sack and get over it...150 years in the past bro. Move on

Zack956 site profile image  

10/11/11 6:15 PM by Zack956


Sam Lowry site profile image  

10/11/11 4:35 PM by Sam Lowry

You are fine with people being beaten into a coma for using a word that doesn't really mean much and is used all the time by about 40 percent of the population? Man that is just.. sad.

58miles site profile image  

10/11/11 4:32 PM by 58miles

Okay fine if people want to say that word go right ahead. But if they say that word around someone who is offended by it and that person decides the best way to express how offended they are is to beat the person who said it into a coma I also think that's just fine.

Sam Lowry site profile image  

10/11/11 4:31 PM by Sam Lowry

What have you got against gays, honestly? They are great to hang out with, and usually know many girls and dont try to steal any from you. I just dont see the down side, nigger!

Sam Lowry site profile image  

10/11/11 4:29 PM by Sam Lowry

Ultimately it is not the words that matter, it is the context and tone in which they are used. The word "buddy" can sound more hostile than "dick sucker" in some situations.You guys gotta get over the word nigger and find some meaningful shit to get worked up over. Seriously.

AlexanderTheGreatJJ site profile image  

10/11/11 4:27 PM by AlexanderTheGreatJJ

I guarantee a little kid wrote that shit trying to get a response. He's probably giggling right now with his queer little friends about it.

Sam Lowry site profile image  

10/11/11 4:26 PM by Sam Lowry

It is slightly different in that nigger is a word that black people use all the time themselves and it doesn't mean anything other than black. Honestly though people calling me names just makes me laugh. If they want to push past me that might annoy me a bit though.BTW I have several male friends who I am told are highly proficient dick suckers. I dont think any less of them for sucking dick.


10/11/11 4:25 PM by K-Dub-"T"