Masvidal: I'm gonna smash Melendez

by Jonathan Shrager | source:

JS: That’s neatly leads me onto my next question. Despite your impressive resume, it has taken a while for you to be granted a title shot in a major organisation. Are you only now being paid your dues in being finally acknowledged as one of the best Lightweights in the world

JM: I hope people overlook me. I’ve been paying my dues for a while, beating ranked guys. But I really don’t care. I’m gonna smash Gilbert, get a nice paycheque and then onto the next one.

JS: Do you attribute the fact that you’ve never properly been KO’d to your elusive style, or granite chin

JM: I’d say it was a combination of both. I haven’t got the greatest chin of all time, but I have a solid chin. I take good shots all the time. But more than anything, it’s probably my elusive style. One of the first things I learnt in boxing was the defensive aspect, how to move my legs and head. During my fights, I only tend to get hit a few times cleanly, if that.

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rosario00 site profile image  

10/13/11 9:57 AM by rosario00

He was outsized by about 40 lbs against a decent fighter with plenty of power

DueceDroppin site profile image  

10/13/11 9:37 AM by DueceDroppin

Jorge kick some ass amigo!!

Mr. Blonde site profile image  

10/13/11 9:36 AM by Mr. Blonde

* Knuckle bump*

BrckNoHitBk site profile image  

10/13/11 9:32 AM by BrckNoHitBk

after watching his two bouts vs Ray... I am not impressed

sub67 site profile image  

10/13/11 12:07 AM by sub67

That's where I am with it.

BrockTheBearLesnar site profile image  

10/12/11 11:54 PM by BrockTheBearLesnar

TTT for that gif

Mr. Blonde site profile image  

10/12/11 11:40 PM by Mr. Blonde

He's like me - a halfsie, and being a halfsie is good enough.   

sub67 site profile image  

10/12/11 11:10 PM by sub67

My info comes from the infallible wikipedia.

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

10/12/11 10:53 PM by Stu Cazzo have an epic hockey jersey to wear in that case...

Smellslikefishtasteslikechicke site profile image  

10/12/11 10:49 PM by Smellslikefishtasteslikechicke

Sorry bin I was referring to canada's national team . Germany is fucking outstanding !!! I'm just giving my son a bath and have to be quick with my responses , think my wife hates my iPhone