Marcus Davis: Weight cutting almost killed me


Marcus Davis decided to drop from the 170 pound division to 155 pounds vs. Jeremy Stephens at UFC 125. While Davis lost the fight in the end, and was cut by the UFC, he looked strong through the first two rounds, and it seemed he had found a new home at lightweight.

However, for his first post-UFC fight, Davis took on Curtis DeMarce in the MFC and his second trip to lightweight was almost fatal.

“It’s kind of scary to say this but that fight almost killed me, making that weight,” Davis told MMAWeekly Radio recently. “I had a really, really, really bad time and I still made the weight, but I’ll never, ever be able to do that again.”

“After that, I think I was all the way down to 154 when I ended up weighing in and that fight was on a Friday. That Monday I was 207, so it had nothing to do with my overeating. It had to do with my body freaked out and thought that I might torture it again like that so it just held onto everything."

“Saying it was a hard cut to go to 155 is one thing, but you know I fought Pete Spratt about eight weeks later and I had difficulty making 170. What was weird was I followed the same routine cause I got into panic mode cause I wasn’t losing any weight, so I went to my 155-pound diet and my body still wouldn’t let that weight go. I had a really tough time with those two fights."

“I honestly don’t think my body would allow me to do it, and if I did, I wouldn’t want to know what it could do to my health in the long run. I made a promise to my wife that I wasn’t going to do that again.”

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Marcus Davis fights Chuck O’Neil Saturday night in the main event of 'W-1 MMA: Reloaded' at the BankUnited Center, Miami, FL. The event airs on Fox Sports Net.

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beckleyt site profile image  

10/17/11 12:51 AM by beckleyt

Helwig, albolene will spot reduce water from the skin. I use it in my cuts and it draws the water out very quickly. You are referring to spot reduction from fat loss, quite a bit different. Rehydrate and it comes right back on.

GargleMyEnemaWater site profile image  

10/16/11 2:04 PM by GargleMyEnemaWater

Always entertaining when an arrogant douche exposes how ignorant he is. All these posts on an MMA forum, years of acting like a know it all, and orcus doesn't even seem to have a remedial grasp of what weight cutting is.Awesome.

Pilot201 site profile image  

10/16/11 12:36 AM by Pilot201

in terms of gauging water in your body, a grain of salt is a drop of water, therefore no foods with salt in them. I chewed gum and spit till I was depleted of water in my body.

SuMBJJ site profile image  

10/15/11 10:58 PM by SuMBJJ

 I really didn't know how you were struggling so hard to understand this.  Then it hits me:  you're likely intentionally being dense.  But to clarify (sad that it's necessary) I did not weigh in, then go straight to a table of food which had friends waiting for me to eat.  I had something to drink seconds after being weighed.  Quite a bit, after that.  Probably ate an hour or two later.  Weighed myself again when I got home (about 5-6 hours after initial weigh in.) 12 lbs.  One meal.  I'm going to let this thing die now.

DWray site profile image  

10/15/11 10:58 PM by DWray

Any weigh in pics of Marcus as 155? I don't recall what he looked like at 155, but he was pretty dang shredded at 170.

SuMBJJ site profile image  

10/15/11 10:43 PM by SuMBJJ

^ Are you really this stupid, or do you just pretend to be so as you feebly cling to hope that you weren't wrong? I guarantee you that Marcus Davis, Anthony Johnson or Gleison Tibeau never cut CLOSE to 45 lbs. of water.  Starting camp at 45 lbs. heavier than your weigh in weight is different, and I'm really sad for you if you can't figure this out. And as for your weight/mass question.  Again... reducing to the absurd.  The truth is that 10 or 12 lbs of food isn't as much as you think it is.  

orcus site profile image  

10/15/11 9:40 PM by orcus

 "A gallon of water is 8 lbs, for reference. I had a Bacon Cheeseburger, fries, some wings, and maybe some other appetizers that were at the table.  Maybe a glass or two of water, and some diet soda for good measure.  " I'm still trying to understand how you can gain more weight than you actually take in. Describe this process for me, because I am genuinely fascinated from a medical/physical're standing on the scale. You weigh, say, 200 lb. Someone hands you 3lb of food and drink. While it's in your hands, the scale readds 203 lb. You pop it in your mouth and swallow it. Now the scale reads 212 lb?  Here's something interesting about Marcus: "While fighting at 170, Davis said he would often endure as much as a 45-pound cut to make weight." So tell me again why suggesting that this cut that "nearly killed" him to 155 may have been from as much as 35lb is "reducing to the absurd"?   

stlnl2 site profile image  

10/15/11 8:54 PM by stlnl2

Did someone say something about "droning on and on" earlier in this thread..........?

Peckerwood site profile image  

10/15/11 4:49 PM by Peckerwood


SuMBJJ site profile image  

10/15/11 4:04 PM by SuMBJJ

^ Correction RE: Edgar- he may actually cut from 165, but that's only the case if he doesn't do the dieting/water loading because he doesn't have to.  10 lbs. of water isn't difficult, especially if you're close enough to your natural weight that you haven't been dieting much, if at all during camp.   I imagine all he'd have to do is not drink after his last training session, and maybe hit the sauna to sweat off another 4-5 lbs.