Lindland: I've got the gameplan for Chael to finish Silva in 3 rounds

by Jonathan Shrager | source:

JS: Haha, sounds sensible. Now you’ve gone on record as stating that Anderson is already attempting to shirk Chael. If the fight eventually materialises, how would Chael fare in the rematch?

ML: I think the rematch would look just like the first one, except I’ve got a game plan for Chael to finish him before the end of the third round. So, yeah it’ll look similar to their first encounter, but with some additional techniques and strategy, it won’t make it to the championship rounds.

JS: WOW, ok. Just trying to probe a little further, would these additional techniques involve wrestling submission holds or BJJ?

ML: (Sounds jokingly astounded) BJJ submissions? We are not Brazilians. We are Americans. You understand that right? Why would we be working BJJ? We do not employ BJJ. We employ American wrestling submissions.

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gavinknowles site profile image  

10/19/11 8:57 PM by gavinknowles

Someone post the encore gif, you're now my hero

amichaellee site profile image  

10/19/11 8:46 PM by amichaellee

Maybe Lindland can deploy the brilliant gameplan he used against Vitor.

Protect Ya Neck site profile image  

10/18/11 6:21 PM by Protect Ya Neck

the people saying anderson is ducking chael are retarded. they are going to fight next year, for sure. you guys take wwe chael and lindland wayyyy tooo serious lol

DVDragon site profile image  

10/18/11 6:12 PM by DVDragon

Anderson does seem to get a little fired up sometimes against certain opponents but I don't think anyone can possibly argue that Anderson isn't humble. I mean he did get on his hands and knees and bow to Chael after their first fight and then continue to hug him. Can't get any more humble than that...

ausgepicht site profile image  

10/18/11 6:07 PM by ausgepicht

If you knew how to read you would know what Lindland has to do with Silva.

American_Ninja site profile image  

10/18/11 5:49 PM by American_Ninja

Lindland has a plan? So, is he fighting Silva?Everyone has a plan; Until they get hit..

ausgepicht site profile image  

10/18/11 5:45 PM by ausgepicht

LMAO at writing book to prove you aren't angry and your kool-aid didn't spill. Precious.

Jake88 site profile image  

10/18/11 2:21 PM by Jake88


LayNprayNINJA site profile image  

10/18/11 12:06 PM by LayNprayNINJA

 Well said. (waits for someone to come in crying that Anderson is not humble because he taunts people in the cage.....)