Jason Reinhardt considering move to 125

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i'm thinking seriously of fighting at 125lbs.

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Very respectfull people in our industry tell me with my body structure, and frame of 5'4 in a half, with a 63 in. reach, and walking so light. Should I really be fighting in the flyweight division? I'm walking at 134 to 137 right now. I feel GREAT, and i am improving daily guys. It would be an absolute DREAM to be able to train FULL TIME. No excuses! (everyone knows how i feel about excuses) But, there are explanations sometimes in our sport to explain and give reason to why certain things happen. All i know is one min. i'm in a cage fighting doing what i absolutely love! And the next min. I'm in a suit and tie selling f ing life insurance door to door cold calling. Kinda hard to compete at the highest level when, as a professional athlete you can't focus 110% on training 12 months out of the year, 6 hours a day, 365 days a year! I don't even take sundays off. I would give my left leg to be able to train full time. But, you gotta win for this to happen!

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BlahBreh site profile image  

10/19/11 6:48 PM by BlahBreh

Jason What would be your game plan against #1 fighter McCall? Is it worth the drop in weight unless you think @ 41 you can start over? ( not saying you can't just wondering )

Peckerwood site profile image  

10/19/11 6:32 PM by Peckerwood

If it's your dream go for it...but I wouldn't bet you will fight in the UFC again so is the lack of money really worth it?I assume 125 lber's make very little money in regional shows?You used to make $100,000 selling insurance.

BlahBreh site profile image  

10/19/11 5:43 PM by BlahBreh

If he had no business being at 155 why is his record so good at 155, also if he made 55 theres no reason at all to cut to 125 man that's fucked up. Respectively stay at 135 or above man

BlahBreh site profile image  

10/19/11 5:39 PM by BlahBreh

This. Seriously.

TheSaver site profile image  

10/19/11 5:30 PM by TheSaver

41 isn't young in general and especially not in this sport GL

Godmode site profile image  

10/19/11 9:17 AM by Godmode

With all due respect Jason,You looked like Christian Bale in The Machinist at the weigh-ins of your last fight. Please, take your health highly in consideration before you drop to 125 and faint at the weigh-ins while staring down at some other starving dude eyeballing you.. you're gonna faceplant on the stagefloor and while your head is boucing up and down you're gonna be asking yourself why the fuck would I drop to 125?.

Jitsbaby site profile image  

10/19/11 9:03 AM by Jitsbaby

If you are walking around @ 137, 125 should be cake. I fight @ 125 and just cut from around 143 two weeks out, earlier this month.It wasn't a bad cut at all either...

Ilovejesus site profile image  

10/19/11 7:34 AM by Ilovejesus

Dolce diet now son!

bamx2 site profile image  

10/19/11 7:19 AM by bamx2