Dustin Neace: I shouldn't have let go of the sub

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Happends... Learn from the mistake and move on!

From: beast06
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I know allot of people watched TUF 14 episode 5 tonight and seen Akira's and my fight. I will take nothing away from him he won. I shouldn't have let go of the sub. He came out the better fighter that day and did what he had to do to get the win. The ref didn't stop the fight and he kept fighting which every fighter would including myself. I am still learning every day and will be back better then ever! Thank you guys for the support!

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MountainMedic site profile image  

10/27/11 8:57 AM by MountainMedic


PembrokePinesVillain site profile image  

10/27/11 2:39 AM by PembrokePinesVillain

i would never in a million years let go of a sub if the ref didnt say something, especially if im getting paid for it and especially if the guy was a d bag to me

32Hunter site profile image  

10/27/11 1:26 AM by 32Hunter

man Spike did a nice editing job.

32Hunter site profile image  

10/27/11 1:25 AM by 32Hunter


knockoutfighter site profile image  

10/27/11 1:17 AM by knockoutfighter

How did I miss this thread?You are the man Dustin for sticking up against another one of these macho foreign pricks. Last season it was the Armenians.. (there have been Americans, I'm not being racist, Junie Browning is all I gotta say).You should post here more often Dustin and take advantage of your moment of spotlight! Maybe make a blog here on the UG, or if you got a blog, share it each week on the UG. Video blogs are the best! To your fight, you have good head movement and quick punches, you look like you could have great potential. Mayhem said you're the beast for a reason. At least you'll be the only "loser" this season that actually won the fight in the first round. Cool of you being a good sport. You're still very young, good luck, hope you make the finale!

SimonSu site profile image  

10/27/11 12:36 AM by SimonSu

You didn't let go and he didn't tap:[url]http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f56/herb-dean-got-right-proof-akira-didnt-tap-1860813/[/url]Exactly how are you not trying to take anything away from him??

McBottery site profile image  

10/24/11 12:41 PM by McBottery

I guess this is the closest you are going to come to admitting that Neace didn't actually let get of the sub. Apology accepted.

StayRad site profile image  

10/22/11 3:23 PM by StayRad

Coming from the guy crying because Akira won

StayRad site profile image  

10/22/11 3:22 PM by StayRad

I'm not saying the way he has handled it was in anyway honourable or respectful etc and I wouldn't handle myself in such a manner but I still think he deserves his win regardless

MezcalMan site profile image  

10/22/11 2:56 PM by MezcalMan

people like you, who think like this, shouldnt be watching MMAyou sound like such a pussy its not even funny