Filho: I've received death threats, I'm retired after next bout


What about your career? Are you already back to training or will take a time out to train more?

I’m choosing or retirement, man… I may fight in November (in Poland) because I already signed the contract, after that I will retire. I don’t want this anymore.

This will be the last fight of your career? Don’t you think a win over Khalidov should give an extra motivation to get back?

No, no… I’m kind of disappointed with this stuff, fighting and not getting paid… I don’t want people comforting me, I just want what is mine. That’s the third time I fight and not get paid. I was the threatened of death by people I own here in Niteroi.

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Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

10/20/11 9:45 PM by Vulva Fabulous

I honestly thought he was going to become a great...a legend. I hope he does find peace in his mind,and happiness in his heart, and maybe after that, if he's still young enough, THEN come back to fight.

MattBenwa site profile image  

10/20/11 9:41 PM by MattBenwa

That sorta looks like fighter bashing.He's a sick dude who needs help - he needs to stay FAR away from fighting and clean himself up first.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

10/20/11 8:42 PM by ChokeEmOut

I was never a fan, a boring mini Arona.

Wet Fish site profile image  

10/20/11 8:38 PM by Wet Fish

such a wasted talent but I think it's the right choice. wish hope all the best and hope he sorts his issues out

croy_00 site profile image  

10/20/11 8:35 PM by croy_00

Small shows that fuck fighters over have drained a great competitor of his passion and motivation.Worst part is they somehow still get away with this.

EckY site profile image  

10/20/11 8:14 PM by EckY

Can only wonder how good he could have been.

xx72novaxx site profile image  

10/20/11 8:08 PM by xx72novaxx

I wish he'd get help. so much wasted talent... i wonder how much cash money it'll cost me to get him to show up at my birthday party and tell me tales from the fevelas... and about choking out Cheal.


10/20/11 7:22 PM by K-Dub-"T"

Yep, drug ddiction is a helluva drug...  

gm72 site profile image  

10/20/11 6:50 PM by gm72

Drug addiction muat be contagiuos because after paulo subbed chael ,chael bexame addiced to peds...also got hooked on getting submitted too