Gracie: If we finish Penn, we want GSP

by Mike Chiapetta | source:

On Saturday, Diaz has a chance to make his case as the true No. 1 welterweight contender when he faces BJ Penn. And according to his trainer and manager Cesar Gracie, if Diaz decisively wins the bout that night, they'll ask to bypass Carlos Condit and get bumped back into his original position as GSP's next challenger.

"This is the UFC so there's always that chance," Gracie said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "There's no question about it that I will ask for that if Nick has a tremendous performance and he can finish BJ, I would ask for that. But the biggest thing is if the fans want it. If the fans all ask for that, Dana [White] is a smart guy. He knows the sport is about the fans. So who knows?"

Of course, much is dependent on Diaz winning.

It was a fight that neither side wanted, stemming from Penn's longstanding relationship with the camp. In fact, years ago, he fought for the first time ever while under the Team Cesar Gracie banner.

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disbeliever site profile image  

10/25/11 9:29 AM by disbeliever

I still want to see BJ/GSP 3, call me crazy. Diaz/GSP would be awesome though, if only to see the crap talking Diaz does after the first takedown GSP gets

MercWaMouth85 site profile image  

10/25/11 8:12 AM by MercWaMouth85

LOL @ hangin with shad to learn how to ruin special nights. Just LOL!!!

KVLT site profile image  

10/25/11 5:17 AM by KVLT

I literally can not wait for Diaz to go 0-3 in the UFC against Penn, Fitch, Kos or even ellenberger or rory. it's going to be glorious hearing his excuses. I especially want rory to kill him so we can nickname him the Diaz hunter.

Jhiggy site profile image  

10/25/11 3:03 AM by Jhiggy

I completely agree

The Sultan site profile image  

10/25/11 2:40 AM by The Sultan

 Diaz is fighting good these days and I'd definitely like to see GSP/Diaz.......I'm also pretty excited for Penn/Diaz too.  It would be cool to see Nick win both of these fights. I think he matches up well with BJ and I think it will be a good scrap.  Definitely should be fun to watch.

Nakai or Die site profile image  

10/25/11 2:12 AM by Nakai or Die

Shut up Diaz camp. Once again u r dumb. If Diaz lost by brutal ko u will stilll want gsp.I hate Diaz camp

OzLoco site profile image  

10/25/11 1:45 AM by OzLoco

 Diaz was already given a shot at GSP.

Carlos ConDOit site profile image  

10/24/11 11:47 PM by Carlos ConDOit


kinkle site profile image  

10/24/11 11:18 PM by kinkle

People who are talking about his first stint in the UFC as a negative, probably haven't even watched these fights. His four losses (Karo, Riggs, Sanchez, Sherk) were all close fights, there are many people who felt he was robbed in two of those fights (Karo, Riggs), and that the Sanchez fight could've went either way. He could easily be 3-1 in those fights instead of 0-4 (the Sherk fight was a legitimate loss). That said, those fights were 5 fucking years ago when Diaz was a kid. Diaz has turned into a monster in the WW division, you know what I remember about his UFC stint? When he KTFO Lawler when everybody was calling him a fool for standing with him. If you don't get the Diaz hype, you are a pathetic hater. I wouldn't mind seeing him demolish Condit before he fought GSP though, but that probably won't happen until after the GSP fight.

show no mercy site profile image  

10/24/11 11:03 PM by show no mercy

hate hate hate. im truly sorry for you if you havent imnproved in the last 6 years.i know nick has.