Bizarre report: Tank Abbott having NHB fight in Ohio strip club Saturday

source: iis reporting that David 'Tank' Abbott and Scott Ferrozzo will fight this weekend at an Ohio strip club, streamed on the Internet, with pre Unified Rules and obviously no regulation. Abbott and Ferrozzo first fought at UFC 11 in 1996, with Ferozzo winning the brawl via knockout. just got a text from a member of Tank’s camp saying “tank is officially fighting this weekend; funds have been secured.”

Tank Abbott will compete in an NHB fight against his long time rival from the dark ages of the UFC, Scott Ferrozo.  This match had been rumored a few weeks back, but not confirmed by Tank’s Camp.

Tank’s Camp did us a solid by sending the info over as soon as it became official.  Tank gained fame during the early ufc events and lost in 1996 via TKo to Scott Ferrozo.  Tank now holds a record of 10 wins and 14 losses and his opponent Ferrozo has a record of 4 wins and 2 losses, but has not competed since 1997.  For old school fans, this will be an epic match up.

The fight is taking place on October 30th, at:
Dixie Cowgirls Night Club
5500 north dixie drive
Dayton, Ohio

The venue is an old strip club and the dancing stage will be converted into a fighting cage.

The fight will be using old school NHB (UFC 1) rules. Apparently the fight is only going to be stopped if one man is about to die I’m told.

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As reported on twitter by MMA Junkie's Dan Stupp, The Ohio Athletic Commission, under the direction of Executive Director Bernie Profato,is taking steps to prevent the unregulated bout from happening.

Ohio commission says it has no reason to believe Abbott vs. Ferrozzo II is happening this weekend. And if it does, both will be suspended.

Commission sent a scout to check out the venue, and the strip club apparently may not even be open for business.

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Brigham site profile image  

11/6/11 6:26 PM by Brigham

"where else in the WORLD can you see that?" - some guy at the end of the video.Do you really want me to answer that question?

CindyO site profile image  

11/6/11 6:20 PM by CindyO

 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I can't BE hurt! LOL That was sad but funny! Thanks for posting. Cindy

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11/6/11 2:50 PM by LeftBench


William Colosimo site profile image  

11/6/11 2:32 PM by William Colosimo

not sure what your source was, but Im glad that trainwreck happened again!

Uncle Creepy site profile image  

10/31/11 4:25 AM by Uncle Creepy

U wanted it ASAP I started camp so the sooner the better let's do it. Come to my gym u got my # let's have some fun, sorry tank for hijacking ur thread

Uncle Creepy site profile image  

10/31/11 4:20 AM by Uncle Creepy

Hahaha u love it

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10/31/11 4:04 AM by Tru

'll be are creeping me out so whatever you are doing is working haha

Uncle Creepy site profile image  

10/31/11 4:02 AM by Uncle Creepy

Let's get creepy

Tru site profile image  

10/31/11 3:48 AM by Tru

 props for breaking this way back and being correct.

Tru site profile image  

10/31/11 3:44 AM by Tru

 not sure.... i saw scot''s facebook wall and some people had been posting about it..although i did text tank's crew tonight and did not get an answer when i asked if they could confirm the results. who the hell knows...joe show is a solid source though and i believe both of us are reporting what we were it comes down to they fought; or tricked us into doing a hoax for publicity.  i'm hoping there was a fight. war tank