Dustin Neace gave Michael Bisping's mouthpiece a swirlie in the loo

source: The Underground

Dear Micheal Bisping.... You might want to change

From: beast06
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your mouthpiece... The day you gave that really shit speach was the day I took the your british flag color guard out of your bag that you left in your lockerroom and cleaned it for you in the gym toilet ;)

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ausgepicht site profile image  

11/6/11 7:13 PM by ausgepicht

Didn't you get frozen for trolling? Bisping hasn't posted on Twitter today. http://twitter.com/#!/bisping   

superCalo site profile image  

11/6/11 7:10 PM by superCalo

 I believe Neace has apologised and Bisping has taken it in good humor perhaps the matter should be left to rest now.

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

11/6/11 7:04 PM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle


ausgepicht site profile image  

11/6/11 6:58 PM by ausgepicht

He's still brushing his teeth trying to get the taste out of his mouth. 

RebelWithin site profile image  

11/6/11 6:48 PM by RebelWithin

Did Bisping respond to this thread yet???

Queeny site profile image  

11/6/11 5:59 PM by Queeny

Why is this thread so long? What happened?

superCalo site profile image  

11/6/11 5:26 PM by superCalo

 dble post

3Lions site profile image  

11/6/11 5:21 PM by 3Lions

Here we go again...

Subvertir site profile image  

11/6/11 5:20 PM by Subvertir

I respect your opinion, superCalo, but as one of the top 5 posters on the internet and a full blooded Oglala Lakota warrior I have to disagree with you here. There's a strong tradition of scatological terrorism among warriors, and we can even see the same behavior in our primate cousins. During my training with the Lakota, we were taught that there is no greater victory than to make your enemy eat your shit. I think there's actually a chapter in the Art of War about this. If there isn't, there should be.

superCalo site profile image  

11/6/11 5:02 PM by superCalo

Theres a bad smell about Neaces actions, he has crapped all over the ethos of martial arts, of respecting your opponent, and treating even your enemies with dignity, he seems to have brushed that all aside and quite frankly his actions stink, lost a bit of respect for Neace after this.