Jorge Gurgel: Twitter is ruining people's social skills

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Bellator 115-lb chamion Zoila Gurgel, wife of Strikeforce and UFC veteran Jorge Gurgel, sparked an uproar online this week on the UG and twitter, after requesting financial assistance from her fans to pay medical bills stemming from a torn ACL sustained in training.

Gurgel stated that his attorney advised him not to answer questions regarding the extent to which the situation has put a financial strain on the couple. He said that he does everything he can to help his wife as well as her sister, who lives with the couple, and two fighters who train at his gym and also reside with them.

“Since we have been married, I have tried to help her get coverage, but she keeps getting denied,” Jorge said. “Zoila has had outstanding medical bills from California, Florida and Illinois.”

“I don’t care what kind of fighter you are or how much you make. You just can’t s--- out 54,000 dollars, without insurance.”

“I should know better than to let these keyboard warrior attacks get to me. t would be different, if I was in Brazil. I would challenge each and every one of them that insulted me and my wife to a fight.“

“Twitter is too much, it’s ruining people’s social skills. Everyone has their faces buried in their phone nowadays. I’d rather be riding a wave, or running and seeing the pavement beneath me with the sun shining down on my face."

Only fighters under the umbrella of Zuffa, LLC, the parent company of the UFC and Strikeforce, are insured for training, thanks to a policy change enacted just months ago. Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney expressed the promotion’s willingness to assist with their troubles, but Gurgel says “My wife and I do not blame Bellator or expect them to pay for her training injuries. We are aware they are not covered.”

Zoila’s ACL surgery has been scheduled with Dr. Timothy McConnel, who has worked on Jorge. According to Jorge, the doctor has worked out a payment plan with the Gurgels.

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fishyfish site profile image  

4/20/12 4:07 PM by fishyfish

LMFAO @ the ownage by the UG

Hate420 site profile image  

1/30/12 3:28 PM by Hate420

Any updates? These scheisters still taking peoples hard earned $$$?

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

1/6/12 8:21 PM by Masakatsu Funaki


Hate420 site profile image  

1/5/12 4:46 PM by Hate420

Are they still taking peoples money??

Dmoney35 site profile image  

1/5/12 3:56 AM by Dmoney35

Help is having insurance as a pro fighter, she was asking for a bailout for irresponsibility.

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

1/5/12 2:12 AM by Masakatsu Funaki

They kept the money.And the mods deleted the original huge thread detailing the incident.

Ephialtes site profile image  

1/4/12 2:44 PM by Ephialtes

That video where Zoila is showing off her money proves that she is a scumbag. Jorge is a scumbag also. I can't believe they thought it would be OK to beg for money when they own a business and like to show off money. They are both scumbags.

jacktripper site profile image  

1/4/12 2:08 PM by jacktripper

they completely obliterated their fanbase

Malachy Friedman site profile image  

1/4/12 12:44 PM by Malachy Friedman

so what happened?

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11/2/11 3:49 PM by Pacquiao vs Klitschkos

I liked his fight with Noons.