Dolce: Scale, not Alves the issue for missed weight

by Ben Fowlkes | source:

As nutritionist Mike Dolce told MMA Fighting from England on Friday afternoon, Alves had no trouble making the 171-pound limit on his second try, and would have made it the first time except for a calibration issue.

"We had four different scales," Dolce said. "Every scale had him between [1]69 [pounds] and [1]71 [pounds]. We were happy. It was an easy weight cut, he felt fine, high energy, bouncing around. We got to the weigh-ins and he was [1]72.3 [pounds] with his shorts on. He took off his shorts and he was [1]72 [pounds] on the dot. We were shocked, but hey, no problem. We walked off the scale, we went backstage, there was a sauna there, he sat in the sauna for a few minutes, then he took a pee, then we went back out and made 171 [pounds]. It was literally that simple."

What's not so simple, according to Dolce, was dealing with the public backlash that he saw on Twitter once news got out that Alves was over. Though Alves made weight "maybe 40 minutes later," according to Dolce, by then the story of his initial miss was out and MMA fans seemed to have made up their minds about him.

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Recent Comments »

Glovegate site profile image  

11/6/11 6:57 PM by Glovegate

Munoz, Leben, Barao, Diabate and Etim all weighed in one pound over the technical limit so not really.

Donald Rice Cerrone site profile image  

11/6/11 6:15 PM by Donald Rice Cerrone

C'mon dolce man...thats is so weakness right there...Hard to believe that the scale for a huge even like this is wrong espeically when you have a fighter that consistently misses weight. What is more likely???

Samoanpowr site profile image  

11/5/11 4:27 PM by Samoanpowr

+1.  There is a process to "make weight" for a fight.  "Initial weighs" are part of the process.   

MattyECB site profile image  

11/5/11 4:23 PM by MattyECB

How about this statistic, two missed weights in fifteen fights... Not so bad

Samoanpowr site profile image  

11/5/11 4:06 PM by Samoanpowr

LOL@ the comment that the UFC should make him move up or get out.  Thats just funny shit.  The guy made weight for his fight;  There is none.

Samoanpowr site profile image  

11/5/11 2:46 PM by Samoanpowr

Alves made weight; what the issue is?

cdueck site profile image  

11/5/11 2:06 PM by cdueck

 Keep in mind the one time he missed weight against hughes he fought with and ankle injury and the UFC knew before hand he might be coming in due to the injury heavy.  I have been at fight cards before where almost all the fighters missed weight because of a bad scale. Sometimes scales are off.

eSpeciallyDesigned site profile image  

11/5/11 2:03 PM by eSpeciallyDesigned

the official scale should be available to everyone... i know it was in wrestling meets, admittedly, do not know since i never fought MMA... ???

Realisticfan site profile image  

11/5/11 2:00 PM by Realisticfan

I don't consider this Alves missing weight. He made weight in the allotted time. I just see it as Alves trying to cut to 171 instead of 170 and getting stung by his scale. I assume he's always trying for that grace pound except for title fights, bro

Sephiroth site profile image  

11/5/11 11:55 AM by Sephiroth

 ^ Alves has not missed weight several times. He's missed weight twice in 15 ufc fights. Should he of made weight every time? Most certainly but he has not missed weight  since he's been with Dolce. Really Dolce should pay no mind to the internet dorks. They are always waiting for anyone to make a mistake so they can blast them like the sad lonely dorks they are. I actually saw RickMartel call Alves a coward(not surprising since he blasts fighters on a regular basis). What does it say about him that he's blasting a guy who could smash him in to pieces, makes more money and gets more pussy than him? Welcome to the internet where the trailer trash takes out their misery on people ten times more wealthy and better off than them to make themselves feel better. This is also fourth or fifth thread on this and dude who plays with mud has been in every single thread blasting Alves. We get it dude you don't mistakes. You are a perfect human being. I 'm sure if you make a mistake at work they should just fire you rather than ever give you a second chance.  I could see the criticism if he had missed weight but he didn't. I just find it funny how some fighters take so much criticism for this and others don't.