Phil Davis: I hate to see Paterno removed for this


MMAWeekly Radio recently interviewed four-time All-American at Penn State Phil Davis about the recent firing of beloved campus figure Joe Paterno over his handling of child sexual abuse by one of his staff.

"At the end of the day it's just sad for the children involved and I hate to see Joe Pa removed because of this, he's had such a long career and to have someone like him, ultimately, I suspect he's going to be remembered for the way he left, under these circumstances and that's really not fair."

"I think he did what he could. In jobs, we have protocol, and I think he followed protocol. Whether he agreed with decisions that were made, especially in a university job, you really don't have control over what goes on.

"If you're in a law enforcement position and your superior says let so and so go, you've got to follow your protocol. You can't just go ‘this is the law and I want to play this the way I want to play it.'"

“I feel sorry because justice was not done. Was it at the hands of Joe Paterno? No. Some of the other parties involved, I know them, and they’ve always been good to me, and it’s a shame that they were involved in whatever their involvement was. I feel bad for that situation, but whatever happens kind of happens."

“I would hate for Joe Paterno to be remembered in such a bad way.”.

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Recent Comments »

PrideNeverDie site profile image  

11/15/11 9:44 PM by PrideNeverDie

the problem is ... he put his career over stopping a pedo and making sure the kid and future children like him didn't get raped ... then he continued to be friends with him for over 8 years with no follow up

crowbar site profile image  

11/15/11 9:39 PM by crowbar

 Lion`s that hung around Mount Nittany.  ^^^^^

1ChromosomeTooMany site profile image  

11/15/11 9:08 PM by 1ChromosomeTooMany

 WTF is a "Nittany Lion" anyway?

Porkchop74 site profile image  

11/15/11 9:05 PM by Porkchop74

look at it this way if Joe had called the cops right then like so many claim they would have fired the Sandusky too. then if the investigation by the police turn up the other guy made the story up to get the Sandusky out of the way then you have a big issue now the school name dragged into the mud you have a guy suing you and the school you lose your coaching career all because some guy told you something. now we all now see this kid was telling he truth but Joe did what he was suppose to do report it to his boss who then with campus police failed to do anything about it but cover it up. so before you all go off like you have you have to look at it in both viewso do not all try and put the blame all on joe when in fact McQueary saw it with his own eyes he should have called the police instead he went to his dad and waited a few days to say anything

Cha0s008 site profile image  

11/15/11 8:20 PM by Cha0s008

This.I CURRENTLY go to Penn State and I'm completely disgusted by this situation.

mcq site profile image  

11/15/11 8:13 PM by mcq

Explain to me how someone that graduated 5, 10, 20 years ago is to be blamed for this evil?  Do you honestly not think that the vast majority of Penn State grads are just as disgusted as everyone else? 

Alumynabjj site profile image  

11/15/11 7:55 PM by Alumynabjj

 I have to be honest I didnt read the entire thing. I thought you were refering to molestations going on at Sandusky's house. You are correct, non happened at JoePa's house. Just his practice rooms multiple times.

Cha0s008 site profile image  

11/15/11 7:26 PM by Cha0s008

Please give me a link to where you read this at. I've read NOTHING (except a typo in 1 article) that said any of this abuse occurred at Paterno's house.

Cha0s008 site profile image  

11/15/11 7:26 PM by Cha0s008

^Sandusky is the one who had the kids stay in his basement....not Paterno.Is it really that hard for people to distinguish the two?I guess I can understand how you read it that way......but Shahnahansah was saying that the rape/abuse happened at Paterno's house.....and that is false.

Alumynabjj site profile image  

11/15/11 7:22 PM by Alumynabjj

No it did happen at his house. He had a room setup in his basemenet where they would stay.