Spike planning Bellator reality show

by Loretta Hunt | source: sportsillustrated.cnn.com

SI.com: A highpoint of your UFC programming was the reality series, The Ultimate Fighter. Have there been any talks for something similar with Bellator in 2013?

Kevin Kay: Yes, there has. One thing we won't do is duplicate The Ultimate Fighter. It's a great franchise and it's going to go on to another network. I actually think the tournament format is a little bit like The Ultimate Fighter without the reality piece of it, per se, because every fighter is fighting three times over the course of the tournament to win the championship. You fight, you lose, you go home. There's a lot of reality already baked into that idea. There's different kinds of reality ideas that were starting to kick around -- nothing we have our hearts set on yet -- but we're hearing lots of good ideas for reality programming around Bellator. But it won't be 16 guys in a house. We're not doing that show over again

SI.com: Would we see this reality TV programming as early as 2013?

Kay: Yes. One of the great things about having this much time to prepare and having Bellator on MTV2 throughout next year, is we have the next 14-15 months to hear a lot of pitches, pick what we want to do, put things in production, (including) a lot of reality programming around Bellator, some shoulder programming. We're going to take Bellator's library of fights, see what's there and see how we can package that because, for the fans, they've not seen most of these Bellator fighters before so we want to build those stars. And it's actually fresh library product, so there's lots we can do and we have 15 months to figure it out.

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MentaL site profile image  

11/17/11 11:27 AM by MentaL

 back alley gym, bellator contract for 10 years and a free bottle of taquila.

bcolflesh site profile image  

11/17/11 11:26 AM by bcolflesh

I would love to see a Bellator reality show on Spike - maybe segments of the fighters training in their home gyms and prepping/dieting/etc for their fight - see their personality in a less "edited" situation.

croy_00 site profile image  

11/17/11 11:19 AM by croy_00

Minus the mansion and nice gym. They will probably give them a set of free weights and a tent out in the bush with a porta-potty. Sorry guys, we don't have the budget for bear spray so uh.....that is where you will be getting your cardio. If you don't get eaten or beaten you win a 2 figure contract and free lunch at Denny's!

mrmetoo site profile image  

11/17/11 11:16 AM by mrmetoo

Would be a good idea if they could run it as soon as tuf ends. But the spike deal with the ufc kills that idea. They should just stick to putting on good fights

Kostakio site profile image  

11/17/11 11:14 AM by Kostakio

It should be the same exact thing, imo. Why not? TUF copied The Contender. No?

fightcity site profile image  

11/17/11 4:16 AM by fightcity

What was the UFC supposed to do stay small and not go mainstream just to thank Spike? Its business they had a contract and UFC fulfilled its contract and spike made a lot of money with them. They have not reason to be bitter. Who says they were bitter anyway?I think a Bellator reality show will do well. They should drop the tournament idea it is dead and the unified rules have relegated it to the archives of MMA history and Pride since a fighter can't fight in two fights on the same night. Spreading it out over many months loses the whole idea. The fans just want to see good fights. They would be smart not to deviate to much from the TUF model because it is so successful.They could drop the house thing and do more of a tapout type thing except with several fighters. Although that would be more work cause camera crews would need to follow each fighter around. Dana uses TUf as a recruiting tool for the UFC. So Bellator could do the same type of thing.They should not worry about not wanting to copy UFC because they should copy them where ever they can if they want to be successful! However change it up just enough to make it thier own unique brand.

john joe site profile image  

11/17/11 3:49 AM by john joe

it amazes me that the UFC was $40mil in the hole before TUF turned things round, and yet every promotion that has tried to rival them since then has tried to do it only with star power and live events, ending up $x mil in the hole and folding. I am amazed it has taken this long for a rival to go the reality show route.

Team Alpha Snail site profile image  

11/17/11 3:26 AM by Team Alpha Snail

The Beltamate Fighter

Astronaut site profile image  

11/16/11 11:51 PM by Astronaut

Hey MMALOGIC have you ever made a post that isnt either pro-Zuffa or against their competition?

Kostakio site profile image  

11/16/11 10:49 PM by Kostakio

I can't wait to watch it.