Chael Sonnen blasts host, walks off interview for 'Off the Record'


Chael Sonnen almoset went Jim Everett on Michael Landsberg earlier this afternoon.

The self-proclaimed "Peoples Champion" was on Wednesday's edition of "Off The Record" in Canada, which turned into an absolutely must-see, bizarre interview in which the former number one middleweight contender admitted he was "flabbergasted."

Join the crowd.

Sonnen sips coffee, pretends to snore, takes jabs at the Canadian government, as well as its most successful mixed martial artist, Georges St. Pierre, who he refers to as "grease." Landsberg seemingly got off on the rough foot when he fumbled through the Anderson Silva back story, which Sonnen used to rake him over the coals.

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bhealthy site profile image  

12/1/11 4:20 PM by bhealthy

phael COULD do his sit-ups if his UG fanbois would stop doin tequilla shots outta his belly button

hmeboy site profile image  

12/1/11 4:10 PM by hmeboy

Zaph, I took the bait! lol

Barbartha site profile image  

12/1/11 3:44 PM by Barbartha

 What a doucehbag..."And should do some sit ups". Wow.

bhealthy site profile image  

12/1/11 3:32 PM by bhealthy

72,149 sit ups later TRT side effects of distended abs will NOT be dampened by Nyquil and Cordyceps shots. That works about as well as the Clomid Schnapps vs. Craisins (AKA the oregon satchel) or inverted testis.

Zaph site profile image  

12/1/11 3:13 PM by Zaph

 OMG you SO let Chael Sonnen troll you lololololololol. Really, that idea that anyone who criticizes Sonnen or finds him not to be funny is "being trolled" is all the proof I need that his supporters tend to be children, or at least to think like children.  It's also a handy insurance policy, since it means that he can do no wrong. 

hmeboy site profile image  

12/1/11 2:49 PM by hmeboy

You won't say it, but I will say it; the majority of people who find Chael Sonnen funny are trolls, idiots and kids.The guy tries *so* hard to be witty that it's hilarious to see him fumble around when he's taken out of his comfort zone and doesn't have his hand written retorts ready to go. "uhh what?" - response to a clear question. Comedy gold right there!His schtick is a poor wwF imitation, the difference is that he can't think on his feet like the actual witty interviewees from pro wrestling. -"son, i am disappoint"Landsberg did fine, it's hard to ask any "intelligent" questions when your guest is trying to be funny and wont even answer basic questions. All Sonnen talks about is Anderson, now all of a sudden he doesn't to talk him? LMAOGTFO

Pride Never Died site profile image  

11/23/11 8:30 PM by Pride Never Died

 TTT. As a Canadian Landsberg came off a guy that only knows what he looked up that morning about MMA, the UFC, and about Chael Sonnen. Sure he has interviewed a lot of personalities in combat sports but his questions and the way he asked them were so ridiculous. He came off as a an alpha male and Sonnen was having none of that. I LOLed about 40 times during this shit. Embarrassing in some ways too. Chael is a troll and if Landsberg didn't know that then he go trolled and he's too stupid to see it.  I'm on Chaels side, no fucking doubt.

Majic Sam site profile image  

11/22/11 11:48 PM by Majic Sam

That the poor for want to live in Canada is a good sign.Would be my first choice,over America,personally.I don't care to break it down to a Conservative vs. Liberal debate.I blame corporate campaign funders and lobbyists who can usually sway the public into believing that their choice makes a difference if only they vote A,or B.Pope of Dope,George Carlin said it best,"The Gov't does not care about you,at all.At all.At all."The politicos all get funding from the same bankers,doesn't matter much.As socially consious,and fair as the Canadian percieved to be,I believe that we are more at the mercy and mayhem of the rich and corporate structure than is America .We are naturally ripe for the pickings due to population vs. overall landmass.Generally,resources and labour market are more holed up here by common corporate interests than in America.We have more Govt owned resources than public ownership,less free market a more seceretive Gov't than even the U.S.A.Don't get upset if Chael sees Canada as a Socialist nation.

Musashi site profile image  

11/22/11 10:56 PM by Musashi

^ It's all an ongoing dialectical process. The problem isn't conservatives or liberals. It's thinking that one side or the other is the solution. You know this man. Why do I feel like I have to tell you that?

Majic Sam site profile image  

11/22/11 10:50 PM by Majic Sam

Chael does have a point.Especially regarding S.West Canada.Property value up,labour wage down.Taxes,insane.Why work at freezing oil rigs in the Mac and gain when you can live in Van and be warm,cuddled,and protected?I respect the poor,but,there comes a time whereby it costs me for other people's lameness.