Ronda Rousey wants a knockout

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Undefeated female MMA fighter Ronda Rousey gives a randori demonstration with BJJ black belt Henry Aikins, and talks about her fight against Julia Budd Friday night. The undefeated Rousey is so dominant that her six fights have lasted a total only 203 seconds, or just over one round. All fights ended by submission, and now Rousey is looking for a knockout.

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Rucking Fetard site profile image  

11/19/11 10:21 AM by Rucking Fetard

She just reanacted ricksons whole armbar career on him in like 3 minutes

Missing Glove Tape site profile image  

11/19/11 10:16 AM by Missing Glove Tape

Compare Rousey's throw to this variation of uchi-mata demonstrated by Kosei Inoue and you'll see it's the same re: tori's throwing leg attacking uke's far leg rather than coming up the middle as with the classic uchi-mata, or even attacking uke's near leg ala a can-can uchi-mata or a whizzer in wrestling.

rnunz site profile image  

11/19/11 10:15 AM by rnunz

When TrainJudo sees this you guys are fucked.

panic686 site profile image  

11/19/11 9:56 AM by panic686

that is sick looking. I just recently started doing judo and it is awesome to watch how smooth she moves

Stubbsy site profile image  

11/19/11 9:51 AM by Stubbsy

It's like a harai ogishi (sweep hip throw), but the foot goes to the inside if the ankle and lifts the leg up instead of out. We call it 'spring hip throw.' Not sure about the Japanese name :-)

John Turner site profile image  

11/19/11 9:21 AM by John Turner

lol at that clip. it is funny.and plz read...everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. one is not "right" and the other "wrong"...i stated my opinion. having lived in asia since graduating university, bowing has become something i do when the time is right.if it is not for you...ok.

OnCall site profile image  

11/19/11 9:06 AM by OnCall

I just watched it with my 2.5 year old daughter. She laughed at every thrown and then sang "all fall DOWN!".Hillary- I'll be bringing her to you for a private in about 10 years.

Granpa site profile image  

11/19/11 8:40 AM by Granpa

That's so freakin hot! The lady's got skills.

Milamber site profile image  

11/19/11 8:27 AM by Milamber

Obviously a demo from a skilled woman but its starting to feel like those kungfu/aikido videos with the old master throwing around students at one touch. All in good fun though.

caged conflict site profile image  

11/19/11 12:00 AM by caged conflict

As a judo player, I have to say this guy is right.