Tara LaRosa and Ronda Rousey in bitter twitter quarrel

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If you haven't seen Ronda Rousey's post fight lockerroom interview it's posted here - ow.ly/7yN3K

Tara LaRosa
If I had any motivation to go back up to 135... She is it.

Tara LaRosa
I'm not fond of Miesha Tate (135lbs)... but Ronda Rousey (145lbs) has no business callin her out when she hasn't faced Chris Cyborg yet.

Tara LaRosa
I don't want to go back to 135... I just want to shut this Rousey chic up.

Tara LaRosa
So @criscyborg signs a 4 fight deal with Strikeforce... and suddenly @RondaRousey wants to drop to 135. Coincidence? #notsomuch

Cris Cyborg
Shana kick ass her!

Robert Sargent
(Ronda Rousey) only has four pro fights and like five total minutes of cage time...

Tara LaRosa
eah, and she just basically said she'd armbar me. Apparently, she doesn't know much about me.

David Duggy Mendro
@RondaRousey will smash you...

Tara LaRosa
Meh... not so much.

Ronda Rousey
if you such a big problem with me just move up to 135 so I can solve it for you.

Tara LaRosa
Apparently you missed the first 7 years of my MMA career.

Tara LaRosa
oh btw... Congrats on the win.

David Duggy Mendro
Is this a female dick tuck

ara LaRosa
no... I just felt I was being rude by not acknowledging her recent win.

Ronda Rousey
that was a quick change of tune

Tara LaRosa
meh... Not really, I still think you're a disrespectful newb.

Ronda Rousey
ooooh, you thought THAT would be rude... Lol

Tara LaRosa
*shrug* You might be a decent fighter, no one REALLY knows yet...but that doesn't mean I'm gonna pretend to like you.

Tara LaRosa
I think everyone knows my manager?..... Monte Cox... Give him a holler!

jared papazian
@taraLarosa you have no idea what you are getting in too lol haha

Tara LaRosa
Who? Me?!

Howard Keith Brammer
Do you really believe that Tara can defend against the Armbar? I know I do not!!

Tara LaRosa
...SHIT!!!...What was I thinking? I have no idea how to defend against a throw into an armbar! I'm fucked!

Tara LaRosa
I believe Chris Cyborg would beat Rousey easily.

Darek Foreman
so it makes sense for rousey to go to 135, more girls, more fights, more experience! 145 is dead

Tara LaRosa
meh... Only if she cleans out the 145 lb division. Then move down...that's what I did at 135.

lilian gracie
@RondaRousey might humble you easily, ur too small for her and she might finish you under 20 seconds

Tara LaRosa
In 16 years of training & competition (judo/BJJ/grappling/MMA) I have never been tapped by another woman.

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