Manny Pacquiao coach: Dana White right about Bob Arum


In an interview with FightHype, Manny Pacquiao's S&C coach Alex Ariza about the failure to make a Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and why Dana White is right about Bob Arum. White recently referred to Arum as a big, fat, lying, dirty, two-faced, scumbag pig.

I've heard this again for the second time that Bob has decided to stick his schnoz in the business between me and one of my fighters. I've heard from several good sources close to Chavez&'s camp that he's trying to have Freddie and I removed and out of there...It's not about what's best for the fighter. It's clear as to why the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight has never happened. It's always about what's best for Bob and his agenda.

It doesn't matter that I've been a part of Manny's successful weight gain and being successful at all these weight classes. It doesn't matter that Julio had an amazing performance that I've heard so much praise about, not only his performance, but from boxers themselves saying how impressed they were with his boxing, his speed, his conditioning, his strategy, his new level of technique; it doesn't f------ matter. I'ts all about getting us moved out for whatever Bob's agenda is.

Does he think he can put us in his place? Is he f------ mistaken? I don' work for Bob. Bob doesn' do a f------ thing for me. I don' give two s---s about Bob. I don't need him to f----- mention my name in any of his f------ literature. He don't mean a f------ thing to me. I don't care what he thinks. If he thinks he can punish me, I guess we'll just have to see who's gonna punish who. He' fucking 80 years old and he better come to accept that I'll be around a lot longer than he will. My work speaks for itself. The relationship I have with my fighters speaks for itself. I'm sorry that somebody is s------- in his soup on Saturday night because Julio had such a great night, but you could see his f------ buzzard beak ass right there in all the pictures next to my fighter.

... That just goes to show you what a slimy, two-faced snake he is. One minute, I'm one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world, and thanks to me, it's the first time that Chavez has ever made weight on time and looked good and had a great performance, and thanks to me, Manny has risen through the divisions and conquered, but the second things don't go his way, it's f--- you, let me ruin your f----- life, let me ruin your career, let me ruin your reputation, let me take food off the table. He should wake up every fucking day and thank his lucky stars, or whoever he prays to, that he's not in Colombia.

That's a very, very unhealthy move to try to fuck with somebody's livelihood. That can be really bad for your health, you know? i don't care how old you are.

Here's the thing, Dana White is 100% absolutely correct. Bob Arum is a greedy pig. Now I see.

That's exactly why Dana White has been so successful and Bob Arum sees him as such a threat, because he puts the fights together that the people want to see. It's about putting the best fights on. That's why people love the UFC so much, because the fights are so competitive.

Even though he had the biggest fight with Nick Diaz and they went back and forth at each other, Dana did the right thing by the sport and he still put him and BJ Penn together and made them fight.

Arum hates Floyd Mayweather, can't stand him, doesn't want to see him make a dollar, can't stand Golden Boy, doesn't want to do business with them, but instead of doing what's best for the sport, what's best or the fans, and what's best for the fighters because they'll get the payday of a lifetime, no, it's all about him. "I don't like him, so f--- him!" I mean, right or wrong?

Unless you can tell me and convince me otherwise, because I'm thoroughly convinced and believe that Floyd really does want to have this fight. I think he really wants to have this fight. As far as he knows, he's right. He's right. Bob is the one interfering and f------ s--- up

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tenchu site profile image  

11/25/11 4:06 PM by tenchu

"That's exactly why Dana White has been so successful and Bob Arum sees him as such a threat, because he puts the fights together that the people want to see. It's about putting the best fights on. That's why people love the UFC so much, because the fights are so competitive."Well, well, well...As I've pointed out before, more and more people within the boxing industry are even acknowledging the success and growth of the UFC compared to boxing's challenges.

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

11/25/11 3:58 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

I believe 100% of everything Dana says.

Deuce77 site profile image  

11/25/11 12:53 PM by Deuce77

A promoter is a piece of shit, lying scumbag? I don't believe it.

Capslock17ny site profile image  

11/25/11 12:45 PM by Capslock17ny


notsometourist site profile image  

11/25/11 12:03 PM by notsometourist

As much as Freddie Roach has been responsible for making Manny one of the best boxers of all time and getting him to develop from a strictly left handed puncher to having power in both hands, Alex Ariza may be equally as important in the sense that he is the reason Manny has been able to compete against guys so much bigger than him. Alex is one of the most respected strength and conditioning coaches in combat sports. His reputation and stable of fighters speaks for itself, for example Julio Cesar Chavez, one of the greatest fighters of all time, has both of his sons Omar and Julio Jr. training with Alex. And the effects of this pairing have been immediate, with Julio Jr just putting on the greatest fight of his career and coming in on weight and not drained. So if Alex is making these comments, it's probably true with whatever he is saying. He makes no coin from Arum or Top Rank. Alex and Freddie and all the other trainers get paid by the fighters. He wouldn't risk his relationship with these fighters if he wasn't 100% sure of what Arum is saying. From watching 24/7 it's pretty clear the most important people to Manny, training-wise, are Alex and Freddie.

fightharder site profile image  

11/25/11 11:01 AM by fightharder

 MMM, Bob Arum son should really talk to his dad. He might choose not to listen but the damage being done to the brand his father build is taking on proportions that cannot be healthy for the future of the company. Listen,MMA is a big part of combat sports now a days. Is it or will it be ever bigger then boxing,it might or it might not (or it already is). It is a big potentially profitable part of the market though.I also offers a lot of market and PR oppertunities,even for companies that are strictly focused on boxing. As for the comment so Manny entourage.The guy who made this comment might be rather insignificent in the grand scheme of things (i dont no how often Manny uses his and what kind of personal relationship they have) but for a PR perspective this does not help Arum. Arum should lay low,because the even without his ''fight'' against MMA he already has a lot of potential antagonists. This is especially worisomme because Arum really does not have any significent money makers apart from Manny and Manny clock is ticking. I do think there is some reluctancy on Floyd part and i still do think Manny will have big change of outpointing Floyd (yes i know every boxing pundit disagrees). But there is certainly some truth in these comments. Floyd doesnt have the greatest personality but Arum needs to take care of business. In the end Dana always does. And that is one more reason why he must be full of schadefreude from these comments and the once that will most likely will follow in the future regarding Arum sr.

DSCH site profile image  

11/25/11 10:59 AM by DSCH

 Dana is always White

djones site profile image  

11/25/11 10:57 AM by djones

Yep cuz that phrase was invented by DFW.....

David Mortensen site profile image  

11/25/11 10:53 AM by David Mortensen

I call bullshit this is from pac's trainer.  when i read "Here's the thing" i immediately recognized this as a DFW quote

dogfb site profile image  

11/25/11 10:50 AM by dogfb