Eric Prindle: How was the nut punt accidental?


Saturday night The Bellator Fighting Championships' season-five heavyweight tournament came down to Eric Prindle and Thiago Santos, with the winner taking the tournament crown, a six-figure payout, and a title shot against Heavyweight champion Cole Konrad. Unfortunately, early in the bout Santos displayed World Cup soccer ability, on Prindle's groin.

Prindle was unable to continue, the bout was declared a No Contest after the referee determined the kick was unintentional, and Prindle experiences notable swelling in the affected area, posting NSFW proof on twitter. Prindle also indicated that there appears to be no long term damage.

the doc said theirs no torsion but I have to back to the doc. See if the swelling will go down right boy is dubble size

my boys feel like the got ran over santa

I'm in AZ, with ice on my junk. Hope you are well. And I wouldn't wish this on anyone"

"I don't know how that was accidental, though," Prindle told MMAJunkie. "I think Santos used the vale-tudo rules. When he was fighting Josh (Burns, a season-five heavyweight tournament competitor), he hit Josh in the back of the head. He hit Neil Grove in the back of the head a couple of times.

"In vale-tudo rules, anything goes. If it was a street fight, I would do the same thing. I don't think he necessarily did it on purpose. I think he saw my legs were out, he saw an opening, and he took it."

When Prindle is fully recovered, the promotion is eager to put the heavyweights in the cage again.

(Groin kick at :58 mark)




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12/1/11 10:43 AM by epwar

So he is taking his pretending so far that he is bothering to visit doctors with his fake injury?  GTFO with your ridiculous "he's faking" shit.    

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12/1/11 9:48 AM by The Noose

What kind of grown man cries for a moderator to ban someone? Anyway....He The guy isnt a pussy. He is just trying to get paid. He was getting his ass kicked. He knew he was probably going to lose. There was a questionable kick that got close to his tenders and violated his butthole. When the ref stepped in and seperated them, he saw it as an opportunity to win 6 figures on a technicality. Unlucky for him, they called it a no contest. So, now he looks kinda bad because the video shows his butthole getting toed, but nothing hits anywhere near his balls. So, he goes to the doctor(who finds nothing wrong BTW)and posts a picture of one of his nuts on the internet to "prove" he wasnt faking so that he doesnt lose credibility.

smac3dot0 site profile image  

12/1/11 9:16 AM by smac3dot0

yes, because I'm the only one who saw him pretend to get hit in the nuts. anyone who saw the fight and isn't a terrible liar knows he's faking.

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12/1/11 12:32 AM by CindyO

 Well, nothing is allowed in an orifice- it's a foul per the rules=) But I agree with you about the point of contact. His junk was NOT his first concern. Cindy

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12/1/11 12:30 AM by MRG1


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12/1/11 12:12 AM by epwar

Damn, Prindle is apparantly really down for keeping up the faking gag by going to visit doctors a week after the fight no less.  He is doing it all just so YOU don't think he was faking.  He is good, damn good.  

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11/30/11 10:00 PM by 209>808

Oh yeah I almost forgot , do you think I'm mad bro ??

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11/30/11 9:58 PM by 209>808

I don't want this faggot to get banned ! You actually have provided me with entertainment , thank you .

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11/30/11 7:42 PM by MRG1

you may not like my stance on this subject.but i have contributed plenty of good convo, content and etc on this you complain about it being bumped and yet you respond to bump it again? you're bright.again, if you dont like what im saying, MYOB and keep crying to get me banned.this is the only time ive ever talked shit on this forum, because i think what happened in the fight was utter kill me.move along teacup.

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11/30/11 7:42 PM by richardray