11 year old Honolulu Jiu-jitsu student thwarts carjacking

source: kitv.com

Jay Yano didn't have the day after Thanksgiving off, so he planned to take his two young children to work with him. As his kids loaded into his truck, parked right outside their McCully home, Yano left the vehicle running as he quickly walked to the truck's rear.

“That’s when I noticed the guy walking from across the street, coming over,” said Jay Yano.

Yano said within a split second, his truck began to pull forward, with his 9-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son inside. He ran to the driver's side door.

“(When) I opened the car (door), I saw my son holding the guy down with his left hand,” said Yano.

“I just grabbed his shoulder and started punching his face, telling him to get out of the truck,” said Jonah Yano.

Jonah Yano said he wasn't scared -- his younger sister was in trouble and he needed to help her. Despite being much smaller than the 35-year-old man, Jonah gave his father enough time to pull the suspect out of the truck.

“If my son didn't jump in, he would have just taken off with her down the street,” said Jonah Yano.

Jay Yano said that after ensuring the children were safe with a neighbor, he ran after the man who had fled. He caught up with him a couple blocks away, and he held him down until police arrived

Brooklyn Yano said that she knows she'll always have a big brother looking out for her. Jonah joked little sis owes him.

“I thanked him and I hugged him,” said Brooklyn.

Jonah Yano's parents said their son's years of jiu-jitsu practice came in handy but beyond that, it was a brotherly love, which can't be taught.

“I’m proud of him,” said Jay Yano.

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sufferingsuckatash site profile image  

12/3/11 4:16 PM by sufferingsuckatash

He trains @ Kempo Unlimited. They do a bjj/kempo hybrid. They roll on certain days then strike on others then mix the two together. the head instructor Tommy Lam is a legit badass. Hes a high level kempo guy aswell as a legit purple in bjj i believe previously under enson or his brother. they teach some good bjj but awesome striking

Seamus619 site profile image  

12/3/11 10:34 AM by Seamus619


Gregg Roach site profile image  

12/3/11 7:37 AM by Gregg Roach

Haha. I'm sure that kid is just happy to have saved his sister. I know I'd be. I'm proud he did not hesitate to do what he was supposed to as a big brother. BTW, Matt Perry, you present a good point of how BJJ is involved/could have aided the kid.

Moke site profile image  

12/3/11 5:02 AM by Moke

Ahhh five hundred dollars...

bamx2 site profile image  

12/3/11 4:52 AM by bamx2

He's Hawaiian, BJJ had nothing to do with it! :)

yakumomutsu site profile image  

12/3/11 1:52 AM by yakumomutsu

Rajah dat!

Oldboy site profile image  

12/3/11 1:36 AM by Oldboy

As a Hawaiian I most certainly agree. And only on the OG would douchebags bitch about the semantic inaccuracies of such a great story. The kid protected his little sister and is living proof of the trove of benefits the martial arts give you."But it wasn't BJJ!"STFU you nancies. I hope nothing like that never ever happens to you because your retardation would guarantee your certain doom.

Matt Perry site profile image  

12/2/11 4:47 PM by Matt Perry

Hahaha! I watched the video....I apologize....but only for the illiteracy part! Because BJJ had a lot to do with this. The father still says that the boy held the man down by the shoulder. Lay n pray all day! JJ is KING!!! BJJ REIGNS SUPREME! Don't hate. A regular 11 year old would have been smacked down easily. Don't hate. To say that JJ has nothing to do with this is ridiculous. The kid took top position and punched the guy. Without JJ you have a skinny 11 year throwing punches from his back while being smashed. Don't hate. BJJ! PS....don't hate!

crankn101 site profile image  

12/2/11 3:13 PM by crankn101

That kid needs a CCW!

notsometourist site profile image  

12/2/11 1:15 PM by notsometourist

Fuck with a Hawaiian and it might be the worst decision you ever made