Rumor: Strikeforce to remain on Showtime


Over the past year, a UGer with the screen name Hammers Hamill has posted some accurate predictions and news. Debate continues as to whether he is an internet troll.carefully following the rumors thrown up by, well, internet trolls, or, a well placed anonymous source in a position of industry influence?

In his latests post, he covers Strikeforce.

From: hammers hamil
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Business as usual for strikeforce has been agreed... The sticking point was the money for the licensing of the show as Showtime thought the value was lost with the pilaging of the product showtime has reupped for 2 years at a reduced rate and has been reassured UFC fighters will be sent there and a rebuilding of all the division and the show will be more of a feeder league b team show... Showtime got a deal on the product and strikeforce lives on...

M1 Global has been shown the door as they have not been picked up for a renewal...

 a return to columbus in march and a bigger focus on womans mma and maybe even a new weightclass has been discussed...

 sho sports got it at half the value of its last contract for the new licensing deal.....

 it will be official next week on the broadcast with annoucments for more cards in 2012 and the date for the strikeforce tourny finals...

 There will be a few changes in production for the show sean shelby is hard at work recruiting new talent even talks of some sort of reality type content for strikeforce time will tell showtime is serious about mma..

 Strikeforce will never be officailly announced as a feeder show it will be branded as a alternative to ufc and will have a different feel but to the true fan it will be considered ...

 Another reason why there sticking around is zuffa never had enough spots for the whole roster and did not want to cut and lose talent to bellator and other upstarts and wanted to make sure bellator did not capitalize on womans mma and carve there own niche and gain some market share as most of the woman and fighters would have likely ended up there...

 Most shows will be done in vegas to save on costs and expendure and bigger shows in the already established markets its more a crawling before they run stragedy...

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AntonioStuckHisNogInMyOrtiz site profile image  

12/24/11 4:11 PM by AntonioStuckHisNogInMyOrtiz

Lol magnum ta back at it again. Do you not have a life? Just lurk on the UG waiting for HH to post.

Ringgeneral site profile image  

12/24/11 4:06 PM by Ringgeneral

Also shocking , it appears M-1 will be back as well. Any Idea what happened?

Magnum TA site profile image  

12/24/11 4:01 PM by Magnum TA

He made a wild guess off others speculation and it became true. Amazing!!!

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12/24/11 1:52 AM by DaHomewilder


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12/17/11 2:08 AM by Sonnen Fanboy

Wow.. A noob questioning hammers hamil

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12/17/11 12:51 AM by hammers hamil


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TheSkywalker site profile image  

12/12/11 12:33 PM by TheSkywalker

And MagnumTA began to shake with rage while everyone else laughed raucusly.