Palhares seeks sport psychologist following bizarre incidents

by Derek Bolender | source:

There's never a shortage of registered armchair psychologists in the world of MMA.

"Registered," in this case, meaning the result of people who have successfully inputted username and password combinations to gain access to media such as forums and Twitter, which they then use as de-facto licenses to assess and interpret mental health.

Rousimar Palhares' manager, Alex Davis, thought it might be slightly more prudent to seek out the expertise of an actual, licensed clinical sports psychologist following a series of head-scratching episodes involving his client

Currently, there are only questions surrounding the Brazilian fighter's recent behavior, which has included blatantly ignoring referee instructions, wrongfully accusing opponents of cheating, and just about everything in between.

Why does it always seem like he's trying to bend the rules? Does he simply lose focus under pressure? Is he a dirty fighter? Could there be something more serious going on regarding his mental fitness?

Questions, questions, questions." target="_blank">read entire article...


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Cyril Jeff site profile image  

12/13/11 10:54 AM by Cyril Jeff

 thanks for your reply, I assure you he's not "close to me", but that piece was not NEAR as biased as a couple are trying to insinuate, that is all I'm pointing out.

Marco808 site profile image  

12/13/11 6:50 AM by Marco808

For some reason, the thought of Palhares going to a sports shrink makes me laugh. Does he even know what he's there for? Does he (or anyone) even have the vaguest idea how/what to do to "cure" him?  And that Hulk gif is fucking awesome!  

BenBJJ site profile image  

12/13/11 6:43 AM by BenBJJ

Met him at BTT yesterday. One of my fav fighters. :)

Wicked Enzo site profile image  

12/13/11 6:33 AM by Wicked Enzo

Funny going they don't tell you is that the Dr is only available for appointments in Rhousimar's head

Frostie site profile image  

12/13/11 3:56 AM by Frostie

He seemed fine to me when I trained with him, the language barrier was the only problem! Its good for getting into people's heads though!

chalice site profile image  

12/13/11 3:02 AM by chalice

"Why does it always seem like he's trying to bend the rules?"i can't think of a single incident where it seemed like palhares was trying to bend the rules. how anyone can think that it seems like he is "always trying to bend the rules" is more mystifying to me than the crazy ass shit palhares does in the cage.

BigSleep site profile image  

12/13/11 2:55 AM by BigSleep

He was supposedly raised by wolves, so maybe some kind of a wolf whisperer or animal trainer?

mata_leao site profile image  

12/13/11 2:48 AM by mata_leao


chris80cent site profile image  

12/12/11 6:54 PM by chris80cent

I really hope this helps him, he's to good of fighter to let waste due to some mental problems.

ender852 site profile image  

12/12/11 6:34 PM by ender852

 NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Palhares' crazy is the source of his powers, if you take it away he is just a mortal man like any other.