Alistair Overeem licensed conditionally by NSAC after questioning under oath


The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) today ruled that Alistair Overeem will still be licensed to fight Brock Lesnar on NYE, despite being slow to comply with the commissions request for a random drug test.

Overeem said under oath that he didn’t try to avoid testing and followed all instructions requested by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC(.

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Dave Meltzer sums up the questioning of Overeem, which was conducted by phone as the heavyweight was in his native Holland, where he returned to recently to care for his mother, who has cancer.

Overeem and Lesnar were both called on 11/17 and told to submit to an out of competition drug test by the end of the business day on 11/18.  Brian Stegemen, a rep for Lesnar, said that because of where Lesnar lived in rural Minnesota, there was no place nearby for a test, but did go a hospital, got all his tests done on 11/21 and all his tests came back clean.

Nobody representing Overeem had even contacted the commisison as of 11/21.  Overeem's representative was called at 2 p.m. on 11/17 and Overeem took a 6 p.m. flight out of Las Vegas to Holland to be with his mother who is battling cancer.  Overeem testified he was unaware of the request to test him when he got on the plane and didn't get the word until several days later.

On 11/21, Keith Kizer of the Nevada commission called the UFC and informed them that he had not even heard from Overeem.  Kizer was told Overeem was in Holland and would be tested.  He took a blood test, not a urine test, on 11/23.  A blood test would test elevated testerone levels but would not necessarily show use of any other anabolic steroid.  It should be noted he was told to take a urine test, not a blood test, but he claimed he never was told which specific test to take.  His test didn't show an illegal level of testosterone when the commission received the results on 11/30.

He was then told to take the urine test.  Overeem did not take the test until 12/7.  The results are not back in at this point.

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The conditions under which Overeem was licensed are as follows, and involved taking a total of four tests:
He must take a new steroid test at an independent lab within 72 hours
He must take another test once he arrives on United States soil before his fight with Lesnar
He must take further tests for the next six months to a year at his own expense


LIVE USTREAM OF THE AUDIO (battery on cell phone providing stream died, link no longer working)


ESPN's Las Vegas based Brett Okamoto was on scene and reported via twitter.

I will be at the NSAC hearing today, where Overeem is applying for a figher's license. Sources confirm Mir has been asked if he'd be ready.*

The NSAC is having a brief discussion on out of competition drug testing.

This discussion on out-of-competition testing is directly related to Overeem. Lesnar did his earlier, came back clean.

Hey, Vladimir Matyushenko gets a license in about 3 minutes. That's how these licenses usually go.

Kizer requested Overeem to take test Nov. 17. Did not hear back until Nov. 21....

Overeem ended up taking test Nov. 23 in Holland. Wrong test, it was a blood test, although basically tested for same things. It was clean.

Overeem is now under oath.

Overeem: I did not take any effort to avoid testing. Furthermore, I have done exactly what I was told to do by my assistants.

Overeem just gave a very vague description of drug-testing protocol in Japan. Sounded, ummm, loose.

Sad note here: Given they DO NOT have results from Overeem's urine test yet, it is possible NSAC won't even rule on this today.

A lot to digest with this whole situation, but NSAC requested urine drug test of Overeem Nov. 17. Still do not have results today, Dec. 12.

COMMISSION STILL HAS TO VOTE, but sounds like they are in favor of licensing Overeem as long as latest test comes back clean.

There is a motion on the floor to approve Overeem on a conditional license.

Motion is on the floor, but no one has seconded! We'll deliberate further.

The hold up here is the urine sample Overeem says he submitted Dec. 7. With no results and no physical sample on-hand, hard to make ruling.

Overeem is licensed.

Overeem must drop another urine sample in the States. It must be clean. And he will have to do random testing next six months.

*Mir's manager Malki Kawa contradicted the tweet, saying on Twitter that it was Mir's camp contacting the UFC, and not the other way around. "Just to be clear, the [UFC] didn't call [Frank Mir], we called them. We told them we'd be ready if something happened."

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MMAMania's Brian Hemminger was also reporting on scene.

On the 17th of November, they requested a test with Alistair Overeem and the next day, they were informed there was no place for Lesnar to be tested. Lesnar went to a hospital three days later than they would have liked but he tested and was fine. They didn't hear back from Overeem's camp for several days, not until the 21st and they were informed he had flown back to Holland.

They received the blood test on the 30th and all levels were normal, but it wasn't the urine test they requested.

Overeem took an observed urine test on December 7th, but the results aren't back yet.

The commission finds it 'somewhat incredulous' that Overeem couldn't find a proper testing facility for five days in an advanced country like Holland.

Overeem apologizes for the situation. He says there were three factors involved: 1: His mother's situation and moving his camp to Holland. 2: this was his first UFC fight and 3: The testing procedures in Holland vary (different) compared to the testing procedures in America. He says he took a streroid test immediately upon hearing they wanted it. He got the results 10 days later and was informed by NSAC that he needed another test.

Overeem says he took his blood test with his own doctor. The commission questions why they weren't done in a lab.

Overeem says he's never taken steroid test like this before so this is new to him.

Overeem says he was informed of his mother's condition two days before he left. He did the UFC Countdown show first before flying out. He finished taping and went straight to the airport.

Overeem says he was informed by his assistant about the test either Saturday or Sunday but didn't find out that he had to take the test immediately until even later. He says he had no knowledge about the NSAC requesting a test before he flew to Holland on the 17th.

Overeem took his first test in a facility and took a blood sample. He says they asked for the blood sample, he gave them one and he thought he was done. When he got the results, he sent them to his assistant who then sent the results to Keith Kizer. He heard that the test was insufficient from his assistant and that he'd have to redo the test. He says he redid the test the next morning.

Overeem says he was informed that he had to retake the test one week ago on Tuesday, the 6th of December and then he went in for another test on the 7th of December.

Overeem says he made no efforts to avoid taking the tests and that he did everything his assistants relayed to him.

Overeem says he bought the ticket to get back to Holland on the 15th. This could be his saving grace, we'll see.

Overeem says he's never had to take it upon himself to take a test before. He just provided urine samples before and after fights for the commission at the venue.

Overeem's assistant is on the line. He admits that he's got a full-time job on the side of being his assistant and is based in San Francisco.

Assistant says he called to inform Overeem's manager, he didn't pick up. He sent an e-mail with the message. He says he didn't hear about a timeframe that Overeem needed to take the test upon being informed.

Assistant says he doesn't work with other athletes and hasn't dealt with commissions before.

Overeem says he didn't do any testing with the UFC when he went under contract with them for this fight.

Commission says there was an unfortunate lack of urgency coming from Overeem and his camp in response to the random steroid test request.

It sounds like they are going to grant Overeem a license conditionally. He'll have to take more tests and then be tested for the next six months.

The commission is also discussing future punitive measures if you don't respond and take your test in a timely manner.

New motion is brought up. Overeem will get a conditional license but must take a new test at an independent facility within 72 hours, must be tested again once he arrives in the United States and must take random tests for the next year at his own expense. It is approved and Overeem has been granted a license.

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) meets later today in Las Vegas. Among the topics on the docket is Alistair Overeem, who will be participating in the meeting via phone from his home coutry of Holland, where he returned to care for his cancer stricken mother, as he prepares for UFC 141.

If the call is routine, then like most rumors, it is much ado about nothing, and a collective loosening of the tinfoil hats on the part of the MMA media may be in order.

If it something serious, Overeem's participation in the headliner versus Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 could be affected.

The published information on the NSAC site appears routine (see below in bold).

Brian Sandoval
T e r r y J o h n s o n
Department Director
Keith Kizer
Executive Director
Chairman: Raymond “Skip” Avansino Jr.
Members: Francisco V. Aguilar, Bill Brady, T. J. Day, Pat Lundvall

A duly authorized telephone meeting of the Nevada State Athletic Commission will be held on Monday, December 12,
2011, at 3:00 p.m. at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 4401, Fourth Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

1. Call to order.
2. Roll Call.
3. Approval of the minutes of the meeting of November 16, 2011, for possible action.
4. Adoption of the agenda for this meeting, for possible action.
5. Disclosures per NRS 281/281A.
6. Public comment.

1. Discussion regarding steroid and drug testing, including out-of-competition testing, and using independent sample collectors for in-competition testing.

1. Request by boxer Laura Serrano for a license per NAC 467.017 (attained the age of 35 years or over, and has not competed in over 36 consecutive months), for possible action. (Record 17-4-2).
2. Request by mixed martial artist Vladimir Matyushenko for a license per NAC 467.017 (attained the age of 35 years or over), for possible action. (Record 26-5).
3. Request by mixed martial artist Keith Jardine for a license per NAC 467.017 (attained the age of 35 years or over), for possible action. (Record 17-9-2).
4. Request by mixed martial artist Alistair Overeem for a license, for possible action. (Record 35-11).
5. Request by Forza, LLC dba Strikeforce for the date of January 7, 2012 to promote a professional mixed martial arts event at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and to be shown on Showtime, for possible action.
6. Request by Zuffa, LLC dba UFC for the date of February 4, 2012 to promote a professional mixed martial arts event at the Mandalay Bay Event Center and to be shown on Pay-Per-View, for possible action.
7. Request by Golden Boy Promotions for the date of February 11, 2012 to promote a professional boxing event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and to be shown on Showtime, for possible action. Agenda 12-12-11
8. Selection of officials, and setting of fees, to work December 16, 2011 at the Mandalay Bay for the WBC Latino
Middleweight title bout between Marco Antonio Rubio and Matt Vanda, for possible action.
9. Selection of officials, and setting of fees, to work December 30, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the
UFC special event bout between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem, for possible action.
10. Selection of officials, and setting of fees, to work January 7, 2012 at the Hard Rock Hotel for the Strikeforce Middleweight title bout between Luke Rockhold and Keith Jardine, for possible action.
11. Request by Let’s Get It On Promotions, LLC for the date of January 20, 2012 to promote an amateur mixed martial arts event at Harrah’s Reno, for possible action.
12. Request by Las Vegas MMA for the date of February 3, 2012 to promote an amateur mixed martial arts event at Las Vegas Hilton, for possible action.
13. Request by Bruno’s Boxing Club for a grant from NRS 467.108 for travel to Las Vegas to participate in the Silver Gloves State Tournament at Barry’s Boxing Center on November 19-20, 2011 for 1 boxer and 2 coaches for per diem of $120, hotel expenses of $268.78, and mileage reimbursement of $259, total of $647.78, for possible action.
14. Request by Henderson PAL a grant from NRS 467.108 for travel to Mesa, AZ to participate in the 36th Annual Gene Lewis Tournament on November 10-12, 2011 for 3 boxers and 1 coach for per diem of $240, hotel expenses of $414, car rental of $280.13 and fuel reimbursement of $126.42, total of $1,060.55, for possible action.
15. Request by Johnny Tocco’s Amateur Boxing Club for a grant from NRS 467.108 for travel to Mesa, AZ to participate in the 36th Annual Gene Lewis Tournament on November 10-12, 2011 for 7 boxers and 3 coaches for per diem of $600, hotel expenses of $896.48, 15-passenger van rental of $508.59 and fuel reimbursement of $210.02, total of $2,215.09, for possible action.
16. Request by Richard Steele Boxing Club for a grant from NRS 467.108 for travel to Mesa, AZ to participate in the 36th Annual Gene Lewis Tournament on November 10-12, 2011 for 1 boxer and 1 coach for per diem of $120, hotel expenses of $211.86, and fuel reimbursement of $149, total of $480.86, for possible action.
17. Request by Reno Jets Amateur Boxing Club for a grant from NRS 467.108 for travel to Las Vegas to participate in the Silver Gloves State Tournament at Barry’s Boxing Center on November 19-20, 2011 for 2 boxers, 1 coach, and 1 chaperone for per diem of $240, hotel expenses of $483.48, and mileage reimbursement of $223.75, total of $947.23, for possible action.
18. Appointment of arbitrator for hearing between of boxer Juan Heraldez and manager Pat Barry, for possible action.
19. Request for temporary suspension against mixed martial artist Shawn Fitzsimmons, for possible action.
20. Request for temporary suspension against boxer Joel Casamayor, for possible action.
21. Re-licensing of ring officials for calendar year 2012, for possible action.




ADJOURNMENT: For possible action. Agenda 12-12-11
Note: We are pleased to make reasonable accommodations for members of the public who are disabled and wish to attend the meeting. If special arrangements are necessary, please email, fax your request to 702-486-2577 or notify 702-486-2575 as soon as possible.
Items may be taken out of order. The Commission may combine two or more agenda items for
consideration. The Commission may remove an item from the agenda or delay discussion relating to an item on the agenda at any time.
Prior to the commencement and conclusion of a contested case or a quasi judicial proceeding that may affect the due process rights of an individual, the Commission may refuse to consider public comment.
See NRS 233B.126.

Posted on web site:
1. Bradley Building 2501 East Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89104
2. Department of Parks & Recreation 601 East Sunset Road Las Vegas, NV 89120
3. Grant Sawyer Office Building 555 East Washington Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101
4. Nevada State Athletic Commission 555 E Washington Ave, Suite 3200 Las Vegas, NV 89101


Dave Meltzer discussed the rumor yesterday on his Wrestler Observer Newsletter

Regarding the Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem fight, there are a lot of rumors around.  Here is what we know.  This will likely be cleared up on Monday as Overeem is scheduled to apply for his license before the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  Usually fighters licenses are rubber stamped unless there is an extenuating circumstance.  People have noted Overeem, Keith Jardine and Vladimir Matyushenko all have license hearings on Monday, but in the case of the latter two, it is standard procedure for fighters over 35 to take more extensive medical tests and the process for granting the license isn't rubber stamped.  Overeem's name on the list means there is a reason he needs to be there that is not specified, and Overeem is not over 35 years old.

Brock Lesnar as of last night was not told Overeem is out of the fight, nor as of last night had he been called about a potential fight with Frank Mir.  Dana White denied Overeem was injured when asked and also that anything has changed regarding the fight.  There is nothing going around about an injury that we've heard to begin with.  Overeem left Las Vegas, where he had been training, to return to Holland.  He said in his blog that it was because his mother had cancer.  Regarding a steroid test, we've been able to confirm that Lesnar was asked to take a test a few weeks back and did.  It is usual practice in Nevada if they are going to do a random unannounced pre-fight test of a major main event, they will test both fighters.

Several major MMA reporters including Kevin Iole and Josh Gross have hinted something is amiss and there were strong rumors last night that Mir would face Lesnar, even though White denied them.  If it regards a pending hearing that hasn't happened, while behind the scenes White would no doubt be preparing for any outcome, he has to publicly say the fight is on, because right now, the fight is on.  Mir said he was willing to take the fight.  Mir was rocked in the fight, even though he won, and we're only three weeks away.  Gross really didn't say anything more than what we wrote, that Overeem's license will be discussed at Monday's hearing which is factual as it is listed on the minutes of the meeting.

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