Chris Brennan calls for Tito Ortiz to return to his roots

source: The Underground

Dear Tito (FUTA1)

From: WestsideStrangler
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Please for the love of all things Octagon shaped return to your old self. 

No one gives a shit that you learned how to box.  No one cares if you have a chin or not.  All we (I) want to see is the guy that was one of the best MMA wrestlers in the game.  The guy with the best underhooks in MMA. 

I want to see Evan Tanner (RIP) type slams, Outwrestling guys like Vlad (who are technically better wrestlers) elbows dropping on heads.  Use what got you here.  Stop trying to prove something to make the fans happy.  Win and that will make them happy.  Don't wait till you are tired or rocked before taking a shot.  Don't even train striking for your next fight, wrestle wrestle wrestle and be confident and relentless in your shot. 

I know how good your ground is and the SUB of the night award pays the same as the knock out does.  This is coming from a fan and fighter with much coaching knowledge and I mean no disrespect by any of this I have been a fan win or lose from the beginning.  You are the reason we are where we are.


Chris Brennan

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Mike_in_CA site profile image  

12/26/11 1:33 AM by Mike_in_CA

I see why Tito wants to end his career with a win... People expect him to lose so one more fight would be a win win.

jaseprobst site profile image  

12/25/11 12:28 AM by jaseprobst

 The arc of Tito's career and the change in the skills he uses is very similar to Matt Hughes. Both dominated in an era with wrestling credentials that were impressive enough then, but against today's competition that's not enough. Both have better standup than ever and more willingness to use it - yet both are losing most of their fights. Both have a lot of mileage on them, facing guys who are generally younger. It's simply not as easy to take people down and smash them, IMO. I think to even be functional in contemporary MMA, a wrestling-based guy still has to have pretty good standup - or an insanely fast shot like a prime Mark Schultz - to compete against the better fighters.

Magnum TA site profile image  

12/24/11 4:04 PM by Magnum TA

Correct. People can't expect Ortiz to jump in a time machine and go back to when he dominant. His body is too broken down to impose his will anymore.

EJ VASQUEZ site profile image  

12/24/11 4:00 PM by EJ VASQUEZ

If Tito would have an implemented a decent jab against Chuck. and used some head movement he would have faired better...I remember seeing him trying to counter a cross with a cross numerous times. and thinking if he would have just jabbed every time time Chuck threw that right hand, he could have avoided damage and landed a few punches.or even if he would have thrown an over hand right then shot in...He never learned how to put his body into punches either.His boxing coaches never did him any justice.

nowaydo site profile image  

12/24/11 3:27 PM by nowaydo


Mike_in_CA site profile image  

12/24/11 2:50 PM by Mike_in_CA

  Well said Chris.... I dont like the habit Tito has of just covering up and taking punches... he has done that forever.  He needs to change levels, get out of the way, shoot or do something. BTW Chris... Merry Christmas hope your family is doing well.  

Jack Skellington site profile image  

12/24/11 2:42 PM by Jack Skellington

 the sad fact here is that Tito's body is so broken down after years & years of fighting he has no choice to change his fighting style

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

12/24/11 2:37 PM by da Vinci 81

Yeah I remember that. He lifted him like a child and carried him right over to the fence. I imagine Ken knew he was in for a world of hurt when that happened.

HELWIG site profile image  

12/24/11 2:32 PM by HELWIG

 Nothing Ive seen has been as impressive in terms of pure brute strength as when he forklifting Ken Sham across the entire cage with his feet skimming the floor. The core, back, and arm strength to just randomly and NEEDLESSLY do that...........

WuDaddy site profile image  

12/24/11 1:16 PM by WuDaddy