Sean Sherk's UK police ordeal


Sean Sherk was in the UK on a seminar tour, but ended up getting dragged out of a vehicle by heavily armed police, when the car he was travelling in ended up on a police database as being linked to a key gangland figure.

The vehicle he was travelling in was stopped by a roadblock and armed police swooped on the vehicle.

The incident involved several carloads of police officers carrying automatic weapons, including Hechler and Koch MP5 machine guns - the UK police do not normally carry guns.

Sherk did not understand instruction to exit the vehicle, and was dragged out by tense officers. They cuffed his hands behind his back and pulled him away where he was none too gently searched before being dumped on the floor.

Sherk and his driver were eventually allowed on their way.

Sherk took the incident in good spirits, but noted that the officers were much more aggressive and heavy-handed than what he has ever experienced in the US.

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PepperUK site profile image  

12/19/11 12:13 PM by PepperUK

Why would they face charges if someone dies in custody? A junkies life style would lead to them being in police detention and ultimately a early death. Just so happens they die on one of the many occasions they are in custody, I would say its just a matter of time.

GelderdEnd site profile image  

12/19/11 11:41 AM by GelderdEnd

I don't have an ego to get bruised mate and I'm not trouble causer, I was going to check up on him as he wasn't in the best state and i was given no warning, I was ragdolled straight to the floor....people only read what they want to believe! I've got no reason to bullshit, I'm just calling it as my own personal experience! but as people on this thread have mentioned, when people do die in custody, or the bloke who died during the protests in London, nobody EVER faces charges and if they do they get away with it

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

12/18/11 12:13 PM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle

 I know, if only it could be a serious Canada.

PepperUK site profile image  

12/18/11 1:42 AM by PepperUK

You serious? How many years ago?

DeGrouch site profile image  

12/17/11 7:17 PM by DeGrouch

The UK Police force are known to be hard handed and lie to cover up their mistakes with the backing of the British Goverment. If anyone here ever doubts this check these links out which give information on the conviction of the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4 and the Maguire 7 their only crime been Irish and looking for a scape goat!!

TheSaver site profile image  

12/17/11 6:58 PM by TheSaver

Lol UK police are pansies US police literally have fun arresting you for no reason and ruining your life.

DanteHec site profile image  

12/17/11 5:37 PM by DanteHec

Here they just give any moron a firearm

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

12/17/11 5:28 PM by WRESTLENOW

literal lol

Mister Joshua site profile image  

12/17/11 5:12 PM by Mister Joshua

When you go to an uncivilized country like that, that's what happens

pidgey site profile image  

12/17/11 4:56 PM by pidgey

and nothing of value was lost.