Matt Lindland awarded purple belt in BJJ


Team Quest MMA-Jiu Jitsu Program Belt Promotions & Ceremony

Last Saturday we had our belt promotions at Team Quest headquarters in Gresham and I have promoted my first two American BJJ black belts! Congratulations to all students for your new rank! – Coach Fabiano Scherner

Justin Nelson black belt
Judo Jon Krohn black belt

Pat Patrick Healy brown belt
Daryl Cutler brown belt
Tommy Leisman brown belt
Enoch Wilson brown belt
Scott Mcquary brown belt

Matt Lindland purple belt
Thomas Palmer purple belt
Jason Mcgrew purple belt
Hillary Wright VanOrnum purple belt

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Sadyv site profile image  

12/21/11 1:53 AM by Sadyv

Ze Law is the last pure water Ju Jitsu left in MMA.

Osss_Podcast site profile image  

12/21/11 12:43 AM by Osss_Podcast

 There are a ton of MMA fighters who train in the gi.  Some of them actually compete in it sometimes.  Look at Ben Henderson.  Recently took 3rd in the world championships in the gi as a brown belt.  He trains in the gi because it helps his ground and submission game.

UrSuchDoucheBags site profile image  

12/20/11 9:15 PM by UrSuchDoucheBags

^^^lol. You keep forgetting to discuss their stand up/Striking. That is an aspect of mma and Lindland has none -to- poor. Those other guys are more well rounded and not as one dimensional.

whistleblower site profile image  

12/20/11 8:08 PM by whistleblower

In MMA, Lindland already submitted the so-called "Michael Jordan of BJJ" in Lutter and even an actual legit World Champion in BJJ in Fabio Leopoldo. He also submitted a Carlos Newton who - like Lindland himself - had already proven to be black-belt-level for years, at least in MMA-grappling, even before being formally belted in BJJ.Actually, after the de facto double-submission loss to Busta in a single fight several years ago, Lindland then went on to repeatedly batter and/or submit several high-level grapplers in MMA.Lindland has deteriorated the last few years and is past his prime as a fighter now - but he was the best combination of dominating wrestling and submissions-grappling ever in the 185 division.(Where he and Chael have been the two most offensively dominating wrestlers in the division's history - where Hendo, despite his truly world-class pure wrestling credentials, was never a consistently, offensively dominating wrestler in MMA - and where Lindland at his peak was MUCH less submissions-susceptible than Chael, and much more of a submissions-threat himself than Chael, Hendo, or any other MW wrestler has ever been.)Definitely already black-belt level when it comes to MMA-grappling. And has been for a while.

Thacommish site profile image  

12/20/11 6:41 PM by Thacommish

just hope you dont smell him coming first

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

12/20/11 5:59 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

grats Matt!

Truemanc3 site profile image  

12/20/11 4:44 PM by Truemanc3

Wow! now he is a purple belt in BJJ maybe he will want to try his hand at MMA! I bet he could be good! ;)

Slowshot site profile image  

12/20/11 4:30 PM by Slowshot

haha, I found a picture of the face:, please?

Slowshot site profile image  

12/20/11 4:28 PM by Slowshot

haha, you'd just make the "stick your tongue between your bottom teeth and your bottom lip, and open your mouth" expression that means "mother-FUCKer!!"

Nitecrawler site profile image  

12/20/11 4:27 PM by Nitecrawler