SF: Melendez vs. Masvidal draws 430,000 viewers

by Mike Whitman | source: sherdog.com

Strikeforce earned an average of 460,000 viewers for its live Saturday broadcast of “Melendez vs. Masvidal” on Showtime.

Sherdog.com on Tuesday confirmed the figure with an industry source, who also revealed that the program earned a 1.35 household rating.

Headlined by a lightweight title bout between champion Gilbert Melendez and Jorge Masvidal, the Dec. 17 event emanated from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, Calif. Melendez retained his 155-pound strap, outpointing his scrappy challenger en route to a unanimous decision victory.

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liquidrob site profile image  

12/21/11 10:37 AM by liquidrob

build it? SF already was built, did better numbers a lot of time, this number isnt even great considering they had a huge boxing fight as a lead inThe live gate tanked also, Zuffa has done nothing to build it and it's making less money than SF was making before they bought itZuffa has done a worse job promoting SF than the previous owner did, SF was actually promoted pretty good for the budget they were working with before being bought by Zuffa

ironkong site profile image  

12/21/11 9:37 AM by ironkong

good for them..people on here bashe dthe hell out of sf. I do hope Zuffa stands by their word and builds it.

JeremyLambert88 site profile image  

12/21/11 7:50 AM by JeremyLambert88

I think anything under 500,000 is a disappointment. This one was at least close to that line. Like most Strikeforce cards, this one wasn't promoted well, although it did have the momentum of Showtime/SF announcing their new deal. The Super Six lead-in apparently meant nothing as that drew under 500,000 viewers as well. The 10:30 timeslot isn't doing them any favors either.We'll see what happens January 7 during the Showtime free preview weekend when 60 million homes have access to the network. It's a pretty lackluster card but if it's promoted well (not a given), it should still do over 500,000.

crowbar site profile image  

12/21/11 1:11 AM by crowbar

What`s going on? If they were to report a 1.35 rating for TUF that would be about 1.5 million viewers.

FryedTakayama site profile image  

12/21/11 1:08 AM by FryedTakayama

Not bad....

whistleblower site profile image  

12/21/11 1:04 AM by whistleblower

The ratings show signs of resuscitated life, but why would those numbers be "incredible" for Showtime when out of the 8 major Strikeforce events this year (i.e., aside from Challengers events), the ratings for this one were actually below average and just the 6th highest of the year?The numbers are still positive news in that it is a healthy rebound from the previous major Strikeforce broadcast, which did an abysmal 274,000 viewer average, the lowest of the year - although this last Strikeforce also benefited from the Super Six World Boxing Classic as a direct lead-in, which averaged 495,000 viewers and a household rating of 1.43, immediately before the Strikeforce broadcast - which then actually lost viewership from the boxing.And for further context as to just how well or poorly this last Strikeforce really did for Showtime, relative to other events this year:So again, solid and substantially better numbers than the last event, but hardly "incredible" for Showtime.

BlahBreh site profile image  

12/21/11 12:58 AM by BlahBreh

Ya doesn't TUF do over a mil?

Chris site profile image  

12/21/11 12:54 AM by Chris

 no expert, but sounds like a great number for a premium channel?

slamming site profile image  

12/21/11 12:52 AM by slamming

The card was unappealing and did not deliver.

FerrozzoFan site profile image  

12/21/11 12:26 AM by FerrozzoFan

 don't know or understand what makes a good number or a success for showtime but those seem pretty good for the line up they had.