Coach: Jon Jones' standup will soon be Anderson Silva like, with Ali's jab


Jon Jones’ trainer Mike Winkeljohn joined the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog Show” to discuss their strategy against Lyoto Machida at UFC 140, the finish and more.

“[Jones] was sticking to the game plan for the most part, except for failing to move his head off that line that we knew Machida was going to be striking on. Machida’s very linear with what he does, and so we don’t want to be there. [Jones] was not doing that, and it’s my fault for not instilling the confidence in him to do that at first. It did take to the second round for us to get him to do that, but the game plan was to pick him apart a little bit from the outside. I figured we would catch him with the standup and hurt him and then when he goes down, we’d be able to finish him.”

“He’s capable of so many more things that he does in the gym quite often. He has knockout power in both hands when he wants to throw them. He’s just at that point where he doesn’t have enough experience yet to trust his motion and his distancing as Anderson Silva does now. But soon, he’ll be Anderson Silva-like with his standup.”

“His feet are getting to the point where people don’t want to be taking those kicks. They will be at the highest K-1 kickboxing level here soon. It’s just a matter of time through repetition and confidence to get there. People haven’t seen how explosive his knees are. We’ve seen him drop elbows on people, but he can do that standing up as well. I know one buzzed by Machida early in the fight. He’s capable of becoming so much better than he is right now. He’s just scary.

"I don’t know what people are going to do with him. Really. He’s getting faster. I think he’s going to have a jab that’s going to be comparable to a Muhammad Ali jab as far as dominating his opponent when he wants to use it.”

“I guess I don’t pay enough attention to how he’s perceived on the Internet and stuff, but there’s always those people that are haters. I think a lot of it’s just jealousy of the fact that he’s come up so fast. Maybe fear that somebody’s going to dominate, but he’s not that bad guy. He’s a good kid. He’s giving and caring and he tries to help other people in the gym. He’s kind of become a leader in the gym in a small way, even though [he’s] a young guy.”

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rorce greasy site profile image  

12/23/11 3:16 AM by rorce greasy

jones will kill Silva.jones.... guy has proven and has out skilled everyone to this's only logical to think this way.

Ballztodawallz site profile image  

12/23/11 3:09 AM by Ballztodawallz

Fact Jon Jones will single handedly be responsible for bringing Nut Hugging to the next level.Grown men will leave their wives to pursue posting on MMA forums all about it.

r_o_y site profile image  

12/23/11 1:38 AM by r_o_y

i can see how people can feel anderson dominating can feel stale but if jones does the same thing than in a few years we will be right back in the same situation. lol

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

12/22/11 11:44 PM by ABE FROMAN

I'm not trying to disrespect you, I just don't agree. I'm watching X-factor right now, don't really have time to go into specifics. May get into this tomorrow.

whistleblower site profile image  

12/22/11 11:35 PM by whistleblower

^ Please name the better MMA fighters and strikers that Anderson has outstruck, than Jones already has.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

12/22/11 11:30 PM by ABE FROMAN

Um, bullshit.  

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

12/22/11 11:23 PM by Jons Forsberg

Jones still doesn't know what he's doing striking wise, he takes advantage of his reach to spam a bunch of kicks but is clearly far from the level of mastery and confidence that Anderson has achieved.

whistleblower site profile image  

12/22/11 11:17 PM by whistleblower

Pele said Anderson went 0-2 against him. Anderson has in more recent years claimed the 1-1 mark, but it used to be a more commonly accepted "fact" for years that Pele beat Anderson twice in Muay Thai, because Pele himself used to specifically state so, closer to the time that those matches actually took place - and even while Pele was now training Anderson, who had then joined Chute Boxe, when Pele was actually hyping Anderson up as his protege and their latest top up-and-comer.The one constant that everyone throughout the years seems to have agreed on, though, is that Pele did beat Anderson at least once in Muay Thai. (And that Anderson then went to train with Pele and Chute Boxe after their fights.)

whistleblower site profile image  

12/22/11 11:09 PM by whistleblower

Even well more than "4 years into his striking game," Anderson still struggled or was competitive in the stand-up against far lesser fighters and strikers than Jones has been able to dominantly outstrike after just 4 years of striking-training. (Like against Chonan, or even more recently against Sonnen, who were certainly at least competitive with Anderson on the feet - after considerably more than 4 years of striking experience for Anderson.)If you're going to argue that Anderson in those MMA fights couldn't ultimately strike as dominantly as he really could because "he was held back severely by a lack of ground game in MMA," or because the full extent of his striking skills was inhibited by fear of the TD - then doesn't that still ultimately weigh against his overall effectiveness as an MMA striker?And isn't it specifically MMA-striking - not pure kickboxing, Muay Thai, or boxing per se - that Anderson is supposed to be the best at? Since he is certainly not the best in any one of those specialized striking-disciplines alone. Rather, it is supposed to be how he puts it all together in a more diverse MMA-rules fight, that ultimately defines his supremacy as a striker.We really don't know how Jones would do as a striker in a striking-only fight (without the added dimension of potential TD's/grappling). We really don't know how Anderson would do in a striking-only fight as well (without the added dimension of potential TD's/grappling). There is no really concrete basis by which to compare the two to each other on that specific measure.What we do know, however, is that Jones - whether his stand-up is technically at the level of Anderson's or not - has already, in terms of actual MMA-striking results, definitively surpassed Anderson in that Jones has been able to outstrike absolutely better fighters AND better strikers in MMA than Anderson ever has.And thus Jones, even after just 4 years of striking-training, has ultimately proven more with his striking in MMA than Anderson ever has - since Jones has actually used it to dominate a higher level of competition - and is thereby already the more accomplished MMA-striker (even with far less formal training and experience in striking) than Anderson.

LayNprayNINJA site profile image  

12/22/11 8:58 PM by LayNprayNINJA

 I don't really think that is the main reason people keep comparing them and trying to talk about how Anderson "needs" to fight him. I think it is a combination of people wanting to see Anderson lose, and wanting someone else to be the #1 P4P other than Anderson. Fans are fickle, and want change. Anderson has been dominating for so long now that many are jumping onto the Bones train in the hopes they will fight.