Junie Browning turns himself in to Phuket police

source: phuketwan.com

Junie Allen Browning visited a police station on Phuket late today in the latest twist to the American fugitive fighter's battle to tell his side of a brawl that started in a bar and continued at a local hospital.

Browning's surprise appearance with his wife Louna and a lawyer came at the Chalong Police Station in southern Phuket.

At the police station at the same time were others who participated in a now-notorious Phuket brawl.

The wounds inflicted in Browning's fight with tourists and staff 10 days ago at a bar on Phuket and in Patong Hospital, where the injured were all taken, were real. However, the varying accounts of what actually took place and who was the aggressor leave the facts yet to be decided.

It is believed Browning opted to go to police after he or perhaps his family and friends read an article in Phuketwan in which American Denny Bowman, a Phuket resident and a warden with the US Embassy, suggested that Browning ''surrender.''

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ShaqNoob site profile image  

1/9/12 5:38 AM by ShaqNoob

This is probably how it was, but 10x worse - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-4SEWznHZQ

Dan O'Connell site profile image  

1/9/12 5:34 AM by Dan O'Connell

Bangkok has him now...

Koga site profile image  

1/9/12 5:04 AM by Koga

"Browning's girlfriend Laura says that only expats were involved, and that she was punched and bruised as beer bottles were broken and the fight escalated."It seems the only role Thai's had in all this was some taxi drivers who tried to pull Junie away, some hospital staff who were abused trying to treat him for his wounds and the police who are trying to mediate a resolution to all this. The worst thing about Thailand is that it is too tolerant by allowing foreign dirtbags like Junie Browning and Simon Menzies to live there.

Russ site profile image  

12/23/11 8:36 PM by Russ

ok you actually made me laughbravo

Jones Dropped Lyoto Like a Dirty Diaper site profile image  

12/23/11 7:35 PM by Jones Dropped Lyoto Like a Dirty Diaper

 Phukett, he's on his own...

Calhoon site profile image  

12/23/11 7:03 PM by Calhoon

Based on the fact that Junie is the one who tried to escape a police investigation and the club owners are the one's who do not want to settle without getting full compensation for damages on top of the fact that I have seen the way Junie acts and his side of the story is filled with holes, I can predict fairly accurately I think, who is telling the truth about what happened.

JerseyChi site profile image  

12/23/11 6:44 PM by JerseyChi

Christmas in a Thai prison.

outtrigger site profile image  

12/23/11 1:53 AM by outtrigger

oh well, too bad they didn't kill him this time around. But rest assure something like this will happen to Juni again.

CHILLITACO site profile image  

12/22/11 11:04 PM by CHILLITACO

or if your hands are grabbing / trying to stop something coming at you? (defense)it goes both ways

PrideNeverDie site profile image  

12/22/11 9:20 PM by PrideNeverDie

lol @ everyone here suggesting that the Thai were going to shake him down when it was a fight between two gringos