51 year old Mo Smith returning to MMA, vs. Tim Hague

by J. Yayo Hernandez | source: facebook.com

Number one ranked Canadian heavyweight Tim Hague recently announced signing with Kumite Combate, a Brazilian promotion. His first opponent is an unexpected one.

Brazil Jan 20 in Kumite Combate, I'm fighting ex UFC heavyweight champ, and world champ kickboxer Maurice Smith. Looking for sponsors who would like to help me out on my path back to the UFC. This is a very important fight for me. The support is greatly appreciated!! Merry Christmas.

Ronald Lee Sartin II
Mo Smith is still around? Damn. Impressive.

Tim Hague

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Maurice Smith (13-13) lost his UFC heavyweight title to Randy Couture, in 1997. Following a UFC loss to Babalu in 2000, he retired, but fought three more times in recent years, beating Marco Ruas in 2007, and Rick Roufus in 2008, and finally losing one to Hidehiko Yoshida.

Tim Hague was thriced released by the UFC, the latest time after losing to Matt Mitrione at UFN 23. He recently defeated Vin Lucero at Aggression MMA 8, and hopes to put together a run to get back in the UFC.


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butters 209 site profile image  

12/31/11 5:32 PM by butters 209

C'mon new year new fight settle disputes!!! Sort it out!!!!

butters 209 site profile image  

12/30/11 6:24 PM by butters 209

I'm loving this come on mike !! Tims throwing u a bone c'mon take it !!!!! Ug fight of the year!!!!!

TIMHAGUE site profile image  

12/28/11 10:59 PM by TIMHAGUE

Here's the real version of the story. Mike was brought in to train the guys at Bowman's gym in Ft. Mac. A gym that is affiliated with my MMA coach, Kyle Cardinal's gym. Kyle routinely goes up to Ft. Mac for seminars and coaching and such, and has trained with Mike C, and Myself more than enough. Says if we ever fought, I'd do well in against the gamer that is Mike C. A lot of people close to Mike, that I know as well have told me repeatedly that he runs his mouth about how he can beat me. So I drive up to Ft. Mac to corner a fighter that I train, and Mike C is fighting in the main event. After watching his fight, I'm like, "did I just witness that? Is this guy on fucking meth?" So I ask Sandy Bowman (owner of prestige) if I can fight mike on the next prestige card. I hear a lot of excuses from the Mike C camp. He's going to 205 (meanwhile he just had to cut weight to make 240), You're too big for him (ill make 255 no problem). This coupled with the fact that he did fight, and beat a heavyweight in the UFC, who is bigger than me, and I write him off as a pussy. Then out of nowhere I get a call to fight Mike C for $4000+$4000, 14 days before my next contractually obligated fight. 1. I couldnt accept because I already had a fight signed. 2. I was making $6500+$6500 in said signed fight. Unhappily, I declined.Circumstances are different and I'll announce it on here I suppose. If a contract for $4000+$4000 is placed in front of me, to fight Mike C @ HW, I'll sign it,... Twice. Doesn't Matter when or where, after my Jan 20 fight in Brazil.Should be the end of the thread. No further words need be said till' contracts are signed. Hey Mike I know aggression is holding a card in Edmonton. I'll have them forward you an offer.

jkkazmier site profile image  

12/28/11 11:40 AM by jkkazmier


Ifapouttotortillas site profile image  

12/28/11 10:13 AM by Ifapouttotortillas


MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

12/28/11 5:10 AM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

shit isnt getting real, i have no fued with him. he is a nobody to me. hagues 2 faced loser and called me out a few days after trying to be my bff. he could have been a man and told me he had a problem at prestigefc2 when we talked but instead he only told guys at the event behind my back like a coward. guys a legend in his own mind. half of canadian mma fans know this and cant stand him. he talks to get attention but when he had a chance to fight me in prstigefc he outpriced himself. he isnt even best hwt in canada. ryan fortin would smash him. i just had surgery today thus the shitty post with no caps. i dont have time to waste arguing on the net anymore. im focused on rehab and being a better martial artist.

Attila site profile image  

12/28/11 2:30 AM by Attila

Shit's gettin real! Anyone care to tell the backstory of why these gentlemen want to rip each other's nuts off?

Musashi site profile image  

12/28/11 12:48 AM by Musashi

I hope he kicks your fucking ass. But that's just me. Good luck.

molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

12/28/11 12:44 AM by molsonmuscle360

The weird thing is it really seems out of character from both guys. I've met Tim, and he was insanely polite, even to a drunk little old lady that was asking him a billion questions about being a fighter, not to mention he signed a bunch of stuff for the staff of my workplace to give out during UFC fights. And Mike lived here in Fort McMurray, and although I dont think I've personally met the guy (I might have in the casino and just not recognized him) but I have heard nothing but great things around town about him.