Brock Lesnar's camp took issue with Overeem training at X-Couture

by Mark Wayne | source:

So, when Overeem uprooted his camp midway through preparing for Lesnar to go back to Holland and aid his ailing mother, few questions were asked. Xtreme Couture trainer Gil Martinez recently told FightLine though, that there's more to the story.

"There were some issues with Alistair training at Xtreme Couture because Randy, after he fought Brock, trained with him and signed a disclosure with them," Martinez revealed. "So even though Randy isn't at the gym, Brock's people made it an issue so Overeem ended up not finishing his training here."

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12/30/11 5:42 PM by grafzep

It really is true that you can't fix stupid. I said it was a smart move. You said Brock is scared and only a cunt would think it was smart move. So I guess that means you disagree with me and you think it was dumb move. By the way, you invoked the cunt protocol and I just responded in kind. Fair and Square right?In summary, your position is that Brock is scared and it was a dumb move for him to disrupt Overeem's camp. What a genius you are.Listen, I know its hard for you but just keep pluggin along sport and you might get it. Im sure your mommy will walk with you and hold your hand until the short bus comes and picks you up on Tuesday morning.

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12/30/11 5:36 PM by shootfighterbull


12SixElbow site profile image  

12/30/11 5:29 PM by 12SixElbow

 Explain? Because REEM is unhappy? They seem to be doing something right.

shootfighterbull site profile image  

12/30/11 5:15 PM by shootfighterbull

management wise, golden glory is a piece of shit gym.

12SixElbow site profile image  

12/30/11 4:28 PM by 12SixElbow

Yeah, add this up. 1. Left his lifelong gym 2. Left his lifelong training partners 3. Left his lifelong management 4. Kicked out of new gym (XC) 5. Mother is deathly ill 6. Lawsuit from his former gym for breach of contract  

Porkchop site profile image  

12/30/11 4:13 PM by Porkchop

i thought he was getting sued before as well. so it sounded like 2 lawsuits with one coming the day before his fight.also, his moms cancer becomes an issue again.and the the navada commission takes half his blood for testing and does it like 4 times.....he says he has no distractions and he'll be fine but it couldn't go much worse..... i dunno how he'll deal with it all.

TheBeebs site profile image  

12/30/11 4:06 PM by TheBeebs

And isn't he now getting sued by Golden Glory? Shitty camp indeed.

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12/30/11 4:00 PM by fightcity

Geeze another little whiney cunt with brocks dick up his ass...Sigh! Go back to your fucking internet game you fucking douchbag little bitch where you can pretend to be somebody rather then the complete douche you are in your pathetic life

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12/30/11 3:55 PM by Don_Dada

 Overeem takes issue with Brock Lesnar's camp taking issue with him training at Xtreme Couture.

Porkchop site profile image  

12/30/11 3:53 PM by Porkchop

was the agreement with just randy or the whole camp? this is an important detail.