Former management sues Overeem; judge orders UFC 141 purse withheld

by Josh Gross | source:

Knock Out Investments, better known as Dutch fight management firm Golden Glory, filed a lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada, Thursday alleging Alistair Overeem breached the terms of a five-year contract with the group that runs through July 2012.

The complaint, a copy of which has obtained, also names Overeem's representative Collin Lam as a defendant. The filing comes one day prior to the Overeem's headlining clash against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 in Las Vegas.

"We have a legal team," Lam told "We have a great law firm in Las Vegas. A great law firm in L.A. So they're taking care of everything."

Overeem is alleged to not have paid a 30 percent commission to Knock Out Investments following his win in Strikeforce against Fabricio Werdum on June 18, 2011.

Rather than following the arrangement Overeem and KOI used in previous bouts -- a promoter pays KOI which in turn cuts a check to the fighter -- Overeem was directly paid his purse and win bonus totaling $170,000, which is standard practice when Zuffa LLC promotes events.

Six weeks after beating Werdum, Zuffa, which purchased Strikeforce in March, released Overeem from the final fight of this three-bout deal with Strikeforce.

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Update: has learned that Alistair Overeem's purse from tonight's bout with Brock Lesnar is going to be held, in accordance with a ruling by a Nevada District Court judge:

“As of this morning, a Nevada District Court issued an Order directing the issuance of a pre-judgment writ of attachment and garnishment on Overeem’s fight purse, which would indicate that KOI/GG’s claims are meritorious,” said Lindblom in his statement.
“It would have been ideal if a lawsuit could have been avoided; (Knockout Investments) and Golden Glory wish Alistair well in the fight,” continued Lindblom, “and, in fact, have a financial interest in his continued success. Unfortunately, my clients simply had no choice.”

The amount to be withheld is $241,000.00 USD.

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CindyO site profile image  

12/30/11 9:21 PM by CindyO

 Hiiiiii Bo! How you doin? *hugssssss* Cindy

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

12/30/11 7:54 PM by Masakatsu Funaki

Regardless of whether they are "just trying to get paid", why do they feel this entitlement to get paid in the first place?Alistair trained there for years and they got 30% of his paychecks along the way. It seems like that was a mutually beneficial relationship. He needed trainers and managers and they needed the 30%.Now that Alistair has figured out that he wants to move on because he has figured out how the game works, what entitles him to stay and pay Golden Glory if he no longer requires their services?It would be one thing and had trained Alistair for a portion of his prefight training camp and they are seeking compensation for this one fight.But this 5-year agreement stuff is horseshit. That's basically saying that "no matter how we perform, even if you fire us, you're going to pay us".I have no respect for this management structure nor for GG at this point.

Tahiti Bo site profile image  

12/30/11 6:56 PM by Tahiti Bo

Obviously. They are trying to get paid - this is their best shot. Any lawyer would have advised this.hi Cindy!

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

12/30/11 6:39 PM by Masakatsu Funaki


CindyO site profile image  

12/30/11 6:14 PM by CindyO

 Ah, makes sense now. Cindy From MMA Weekly's front page: It appears the move was legal based, and had nothing to do with the attention that would be received around Overeem’s fight. According to a statement from the law office of Roderick Lindblom, they filed the suit so that Overeem couldn’t get paid from the UFC on Friday and simply walk away with the money. “We’ve been in discussions with Mr. Overeem’s legal counsel since Nov. 7, and there has been no progress regarding the dispute. The reality is that a fighter is paid within 24 hours of the bout. Given past failure to pay management and training fees, there is serious concern on my client’s part that Mr. Overeem will simply walk away with the money,” read the statement. Now, as of Friday, a Nevada judge has issued an order “directing the issuance of a pre-judgment writ of attachment and garnishment on Overeem’s fight purse.” In other words, Overeem’s paycheck will be held up by the state of Nevada until there is resolution from the lawsuit. Essentially the reason the lawsuit was filed prior to the fight was to get Overeem’s paycheck upheld so they could settle the situation before he was able to leave with the money and return home to Holland. According to Lindblom, who spoke with on Friday, Overeem’s purse will be withheld until this situation is resolved.

Jamiee site profile image  

12/30/11 5:26 PM by Jamiee

how can this not affect Alistair mentally? They are robbing the fans of best fight possible in order to meet their selfish needs.I realize business can get messy, but urrrr

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12/30/11 5:24 PM by Silverball


CindyO site profile image  

12/30/11 5:23 PM by CindyO

 Legit LOL! Cindy

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12/30/11 5:12 PM by Gondul


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12/30/11 5:11 PM by SleepBomb

 no, he should train with AKA or team NOG