Houston Alexander charged with child abuse for boxing with son

by Kathy Sarantos Niver | source: kmtv.com

If more father's challenged their teenage sons to box over lying and cyber sexing, the modern world would be a better place. Today was  a sad day for America.

(Omaha, Nebraska) Police ticketed popular MMA fighter Houston Alexander for child abuse after the 39-year-old became upset with his 16-year-old and made him box with him.

Police reports say officers were called to a home near 44th and Maple for a domestic disturbance. The older Alexander told them he was having trouble with his teen son, who was "having explicit sexual contact on Facebook with some unknown females." The 16-year-old reportedly lied and "made him very upset."

According to police reports, "Alexander then retrieved boxing gloves and told his son, 'If you are going to lie to me, then we are going to box.'" The two reportedly boxed in the basement. Officers describe the teen as having a "slight bloody nose and pain to his right side."

Alexander was cited for misdemeanor child abuse.

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BrocksBustedLiver site profile image  

1/2/12 4:52 PM by BrocksBustedLiver

Trying to discipline your kids can get you in to trouble with the law who would have known

TB125 site profile image  

1/2/12 4:43 PM by TB125

Slightly bloody nose and hurt side from Houston Alexander... Sounds like an awesome free lesson!!

French Fries Malone site profile image  

1/2/12 12:22 PM by French Fries Malone

Houston is the man, met him in person and he is very friendly and cool

Sonnen Fanboy site profile image  

1/2/12 10:56 AM by Sonnen Fanboy

It's this attitude that has bred the monkey fucking assholes that are kids these daysGood job.

deljayson site profile image  

1/2/12 10:12 AM by deljayson

Haha this!!!

deljayson site profile image  

1/2/12 10:12 AM by deljayson

Shouldn't you read the argument before passing judgement?

traneufcisback site profile image  

1/2/12 10:02 AM by traneufcisback

 LAME, NOT child abuse. The definition of child abuse now encompasses hard life lessons kids need to be dished out by parents.

Marzz site profile image  

1/2/12 9:57 AM by Marzz

Some of you are fucking clueless. Being sexually explicit with a young girl on Facebook?! Are you insane? What if she saves those messages and/or pics and uses it against him? What if she says he was harassing her and they were unsolicited and she asked him to stop, whether it's true or not? That kid could then be prosecuted as a sex offender. What if her parents find them? He's fucked! What if the girl was a couple years younger? Depending on the state laws, he could be fucked!But forget legal ramifications. What if he was just being a scumbag and Houston was trying to teach him respect? Houston is a single father. That means these sons don't have a strong female/mother influence in their lives. That could spell serious trouble for young men, especially in today's culture when you can go on the internet at any moment and see some sick shit and see women who seemingly love it.But hey, NPD's rationale is "all 16 year olds get horny". Yeah, that's not creepy as shit or anything. I believe rapists would say the same thing.

Sonnen Fanboy site profile image  

1/2/12 6:01 AM by Sonnen Fanboy

This is not fucking child abuse.How is this different from your dad whooping your ass when you grew up? Today children have top many rights over their parents and this is the downfall of the cesspool that is today's youth.If my son was fucking around I'd slap his fuckin head in just the same. Parents today are soft and kids have no respect for them period

AC Slater site profile image  

1/2/12 3:57 AM by AC Slater

Such massive pussies living in this world today as evidenced by some of the morons in this thread.Houston is a pretty great guy and you gotta respect any man who can raise 6 kids by himself and even donate one of his kidneys to one of them.Years ago, shortly after his loss to Irvin, he was on a podcast and gave out his e-mail and told his fans to drop him a nice message and leave your phone # because he'd rather talk to his fans on the phone than try the whole e-mail thing. I thought what the hell, he's probably just being polite but I'll send him a supporting message with my # at the end, thinking that there was no way in hell that he would actually call.Seriously, no more than 2 hours later, I get a random phone call from a 402 area code:"Hello?""Hey is this *my name*?""Uh...yea....who's this?""It's Houston, brotha."My mind = blown when he said that. He's got a very distinct voice and the area code was a Nebraska one so it was totally legit. We just shot the shit for a few minutes and I told him that no matter what happens in his career, win, lose, or draw, the fact that he went out of his way to CALL his fans and chat them up was the coolest thing I've seen an athlete (much less an MMA fighter) do for a fan. He told me to save his # and that if I ever wanted to chat with him to just give him a ring, but not past 10 because he had to put everyone in his house to bed.Cool fuckin guy. How many athletes who perform(ed) on the highest level of their sport will go outta there way to do that? And I never called him but I shot him a few texts here and there congratulating him on winning fights and what not. The last time I texted him was the day after the Sokoudjou fight (epic brawl btw) and literally no less than 30 seconds later he immediately texted back "Thank u!" I'll always respect the guy for going out of his way like that.Now back to the story...some loudmouth, arrogant as hell teens NEED this kinda therapy. And a "bloody nose" and a "hurt cheek" ain't shit. The kid will look back on this in 5 years and realized that his father taught him a solid lesson about lying to your parents and showing women some damn respect. Bet he never does any of that shit again.