Tito: I will be fighting my last fight July 4 weekend

source: middleeasy.com

The career of Tito Ortiz spans 15 years. At his peak he was the UFC lightheavyweight champion, the sport's biggest PPV draw, and more. He proved that mixed martial arts could be viable, at a point where its future was in doubt. In now small way, he carried MMA.

As the caliber of the athlete has markedly improved, as exemplified by current lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones, Tito's skill have fallen just, barely, short. He has gone 1-5 his last six fights, although many of them were highly competitive.

After losing to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in the first round at UFC 140 in Dec. 10, many fans thought that was the end.

It's not. Tito wants one more fight, n July 4th, against Forrest Griffin or Chuck Liddell. As Liddell is firmly retired, that would leave a rubber match with fellow ex lightheavyweight champion Forrest Griffin as the most likely scenario.

July, hopefully Fourth of July weekend I will be fighting my last fight and I will be done," Tito said (see video below). That's it; it's time to walk away.

"You know, Forrest, or I know everybody would like to see me against Chuck (Liddell) and, I don't know.

"We will see what Lorenzo and Dana have to offer and see what they want to do. I'll sit down with Lorenzo and Dana next week and let's see, let's make a fight, my last fight and let's make a memorable one."

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DoomFarmer site profile image  

1/4/12 3:11 PM by DoomFarmer


madmav site profile image  

1/3/12 4:14 PM by madmav

did anyone say cung le yet.. both coming off brutal losses.. and would be a decent match up imo.

dabigchet site profile image  

1/3/12 3:29 PM by dabigchet

frank coming back for one last fight vs tito and both fighters getting UFC love in their send off would be amazing.second choice would be either bonnar or franklin. please not forrest #3

orcus site profile image  

1/3/12 3:20 PM by orcus

 Not remotely interested in any Tito rematch, unless it's Wanderlei -- and even then, not much. Tito/Franklin sounds good.  Or even Tito/Bonnar.

the islander site profile image  

1/3/12 3:06 PM by the islander

 It is not about what the fans want,Tito has been fighting for the fans all his life. Let his last fight be what he wants,it would mean a lot to him. Show respect to Tito and let him pick his last fight.

r_o_y site profile image  

1/3/12 3:03 PM by r_o_y

for real.also it's his last fight,let the up and comers go on up the ranks. what's the point of them fighting tito? tito wants to go out with something familiar. wandy is busy and likely is fighting something this summer with vitor i think.who knows,maybe dana will give chuck this one last fight and let them ride off into retirement but for now forrest is just fine.

Sofa King Cool site profile image  

1/3/12 2:52 PM by Sofa King Cool

Gustafson 1

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

1/3/12 2:37 PM by RyannVonDoom

Should ask tito why he ducked dan henderson back in 07/08 and why he's taking this easy fight to coast to an end?

Argo site profile image  

1/3/12 2:19 PM by Argo

After all the trash Chuck talked on TUF ... he needs to answer the call. Tito just called him out!

dahosse site profile image  

1/3/12 1:56 PM by dahosse

Why is Frankie blacklisted with the UFC, again? I know he did a holdout for money, but honestly, how many other guys have done that and been welcomed back to the fold?