Sonnen declines bout with 'pee pee mouth' Machida

source: The Underground

Chael Sonnen has been trying to pick a fight with Anderson Silva like it is his job. Now Silva's Blackhouse teammate Lyoto Machida has in turn challenged Sonnen, via twitter. Machida posted in Brazilian Portuguese. Translation is below.

"Chael Sonnen, just got out of surgery, but can give you your gift inside the octagon with one arm and only you accept the fight."

Sonnen replied decorously, also via twitter.

"I don't have time for "pee pee" mouth. All the time I can spare him is enough to cold cock him and walk away."

The 'pee pee' reference is to a Machida family tradition of drinking urine. The practice, though unusual, has some notable adherents, including Mahatma Ghandi, J.D. Salinger, and that guy who cut his arm off after getting stuck on a desert hike.

When he is not driving Brazilian's crazy, Chael Sonnen is training for a fight with Mark Munoz on Jan. 28 at UFC on FOX 2.

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Wasa-B site profile image  

1/6/12 7:30 PM by Wasa-B

I wouldnt be surprised if Chael is the same size as Machida at MW.Anyhow, at tuck is a tuck.Chael is a cheater, felon, serial tapper and now tucker.

Wasa-B site profile image  

1/6/12 7:27 PM by Wasa-B

Machida choked out Sok not Nak.

AceAtGSU site profile image  

1/6/12 7:18 PM by AceAtGSU

You saying Anderson beats Chael like it is a forgone conclusion is comical, as if he ran through him the first time they fought. I am not saying Anderson doesn't win the fight, but the conviction with which you say we all know how it would turn out and AGAIN is ridiculous. Most MMA fans want to see Chael vs Anderson for the title more than any other match up at middleweight because he is the only one to really take it to Andy.PS this is first time I have checked threat since I posted which is why it has taken me so long to reply.

Rafael135 site profile image  

1/5/12 9:09 PM by Rafael135

Lyoto would murder Sonnen.

DRevan site profile image  

1/5/12 8:59 PM by DRevan

Sonnen, quick to talk and quicker to avoid paying for what his words incite.In other words...he's ducking Machida and using grade school insults in an attempt to deflect attention from his tuckery.

MirPerfect site profile image  

1/5/12 8:58 PM by MirPerfect

He also did not take up Belforts verbal challenge, he has a long history of this

Kurt The Great site profile image  

1/5/12 8:31 PM by Kurt The Great

ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!at "pee pee mouth".THIS shit made my fucking WEEK!!!!!!Sonnen just spoke the fucking Truth!check my av!

Gin Tonic site profile image  

1/4/12 4:25 PM by Gin Tonic

and of course... should he win, he'll "revoke" it.

behzad site profile image  

1/4/12 4:20 PM by behzad

“I’m going to become the No. 1 contender on Jan. 28, but despite what you might think, I’m not going to use that voucher to fight Anderson Silva,” Sonnen says. “I’ll be looking at dos Santos, Jones and possibly St. Pierre. I will take that voucher to Dana White and I will pick one of those three guys. My time with Anderson is done.”

Ifapouttotortillas site profile image  

1/4/12 4:20 PM by Ifapouttotortillas

lol - Sonnen tucks and his fanboys defend it.