Chris Brennan: You can't say it should have been a Split Decision

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Do you people know what a split decision is?

From: WestsideStrangler
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A split decision is when two judges score for one guy and a third judge scores for the other guy.  So when you say I don't think it should't have been unanamous but should have been a split means you are saying one judge should have scored it for the other guy.  You are basically saying what one of the judges opinions should be, and that it should be different from the other two.

As far as I know the scoring of the fight can't make it a split decision.  It can make it a draw or a loss but unanamous or split only comes by way of which judges scored it how.  I'm I correct in this?

So you can agree or disagree with it should have been 29-28 or 30-27 or whatever but unanimous and split just means they all agree or don't agree. So when you say it should have been a split it means you think one guy should have disagreed with the other two but that maybe the other two were correct as well.

Make sense?

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Kostakio site profile image  

9/22/13 2:05 PM by Kostakio

haha and ttt for all of Facebook

BuddyRevell site profile image  

9/22/13 1:45 PM by BuddyRevell

TTT for my friends at the sports bar last night who were mad that the the fight was a unanimous decision and should have been a split decision instead lol.

MMApurist site profile image  

1/7/12 1:44 AM by MMApurist

Dam Chris lots of action for the thread even made front page.So people know if 2 judges say fighter A and 1 judge says fighter B its a split regardless of scoring. Period.Now why can't people understand that if rounds are really really close, that someone expects 3 different people to have different opinions on them. It doesn't make it fair or right just reality. Just like what Fitch said after the Penn fight. Hell even dana disagreed with the judges and thought Penn 2 to 1, many thought Fitch 2 to 1 and even more thought 28-28 draw. I thought draw btw while the rest of the room thought Fitch did enough.I guess some of you know more about going to the scorecards than Fitch who had like 10 ufc decisions in a row. Keep drinking fellas and by the way MMA judging will always be what it is, Subjective and Inconsistent. Peace

kevsh site profile image  

1/7/12 12:42 AM by kevsh

According to the judges it's a split decision whether I should bump this thread or just move on. If you can figure out which was the winner you're on your way.

ShanTheMan site profile image  

1/7/12 12:41 AM by ShanTheMan

Tell Rampage this please."How could it be unanumuss if I won the first round?"

jkd4200 site profile image  

1/7/12 12:37 AM by jkd4200

If you ALWAYS hear this...then you hang around a bunch of dipshits.:)

Haulport site profile image  

1/6/12 11:31 PM by Haulport

It's ok Chris...Where do you usually do your thinking, lol.j/k dude. I know what you mean. When I read people saying it should have been a split decision I just shake my head in sadness...

WestsideStrangler site profile image  

1/6/12 11:15 PM by WestsideStrangler

 There are posts on this last page alone that people still dont get it

WestsideStrangler site profile image  

1/6/12 11:10 PM by WestsideStrangler

Seriously? Have you not read the last 3 pages?  

texuspete00 site profile image  

1/6/12 9:34 PM by texuspete00

The fact of the matter is 3 people is a very small statistical sample. We'd all assume you have an opinion on who won the fight, so to say 2 people should have agreed with you, and one person should not, does not make much sense.Yeah if there was 100 people, it would be shocking for 100% to agree in a fight that was even remotely close. Should we speculate how many should prefer one aspect of fighting over another? Unanimous decision does not necessarily mean blow out. It's almost like people want a split decision to show someone was at least remotely competitive, maybe won one round and a minute of another. Hopefully judges don't start thinking this way, or MMA judging gets more fucked.