Coker questions the validity of Cyborg's record

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Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker spent years promoting Women's MMA, bringing to stardom Gina Carano, and with her break form the sport, showcasing Cris Cyborg as the sport's leading female. With her positive test for PEDs, Cyborg's entire run is now suspect, and with it, harm has been done to women's MMA generally.

"The thing that's really sad about the 'Cyborg' thing," said Coker. "It makes you really wonder the validation of all those other fights. So to me I think you will see some faces back in Sgrikeforce with her out.

"Of course you're concerned for the fighter, you're concerned for the opponent, you're concerned for the league, and you're concerned for the television partner. But at the end of the day, every athlete has to be accountable for their actions. She's no different ... If you're going to cheat you shouldn't be fighting prefessionally against other professional athletes that aren't cheating.

"It's illegal."



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disbeliever site profile image  

1/11/12 9:04 AM by disbeliever

This is not the same as a male fighters testing positive though.

Farewell Brock site profile image  

1/11/12 7:27 AM by Farewell Brock

I would say 3/4 the people don't take it seriously as men's. But what does that have to do with anything at all. Dana has already come out and said no to wmma in the UFC. So I don't understand how this is even a relevant question

Combat Vette site profile image  

1/10/12 4:12 PM by Combat Vette

Just anwser my question.

khaynes21 site profile image  

1/10/12 4:04 PM by khaynes21

Coker for the most part is always very defending of his fighters. You can tell by his initial comments reguarding this matter. It seems that stance has changed now and it leads me to also believe he has the proof to make a stance against Santos. Really unfortunate set of events happening to Santos as of recent, but deserving of nonetheless.

Farewell Brock site profile image  

1/10/12 3:43 PM by Farewell Brock

When the thread is about Coker questioning the validity of her record and people bring chael and dfw into the convorsation, it's retarded. They both have absolutely nothing to do with this discussion.

captain_underwear site profile image  

1/10/12 11:14 AM by captain_underwear

and that will be all

goldenboyart site profile image  

1/10/12 10:57 AM by goldenboyart

CindyO - Cindy O, while I find most of your comments at least entertaining to read and some of them I even agree with but you're wrong about this one. While on the face of this it does look like a double standard after pondering it for half a second one can see it's something entirely different.I'll give you a scenario and break it down as simple as I can. OK, when two male fighters are in the cage fighting and then with tests they find out one of them has PED's in their system or say, more testosterone than a "normal male" has it's still a "Male hormone" with One man fighting another man.What Cyborg has done is basically made herself into a completely different genetically altered person. Not just amped her "own" hormones but made herself basically into a MAN. Now this is where it gets very dangerous and treading on thin ice because what it boils down to is a MAN beating up a WOMAN in the cage. Plain and simple. What if she were to have beaten an opponent so bad that they had brain damage or worse. It wasn't a woman vs. a woman or even a woman (squared, or cubed) by raising up her own hormone levels in her body.This is how it would look if this same scenario were transferred to the men side with a Male VS. Male. One fighter takes an ALIEN compound completely different than what his own body produces in effect making him into that ALIEN so it's not a Man VS. Man bout anymore it's an ALIEN VS. MAN which would be basically the same things as Cyborg VS. whomever she has fought.She made herself into something that she would have NEVER been able to naturally or otherwise if she had not taken PEDs. So it was like a Man fighting a woman, something that was not fair and very dangerous for the other woman and terrible for our sport. Much like it would be if a Man took the Alien compound so the fight would be between an ALIEN and a man, something that also would not be fair.So you're argument that it's a double standard is completely wrong. This is something entirely different so the consequences should be entirely different and Dan /Coker should set a precedence with this and fine/BAR her accordingly.And anyone thinking that this was the first time she roided up before a fight is off their rocker. Anyone with a 2nd grade education could plainly see that she's been roiding (with all the bad side effects in plain site i.e.. deep voice, manly facial features, extraordinary muscle growth, thickening of her bad complexion, bone growth in her facial features -a by product of Human Growth Hormone and very hard to detect without proper scientific testing, and other side effects). Her whole record should be wiped clean and dealt with severely so that this would never happen again in MMA with women. Again, it's not just a moral issue but a possible "live and death "issue with a woman(virtual MAN) fighting a woman. Something like that could do life altering damage to the other woman and nothing is worth that possibly happening.So Cindy O, you are wrong and your argument of double standard couldn't be further from the truth. Good Day to all,

HOLLYWOOD-MO site profile image  

1/10/12 1:45 AM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

I have to guys are pretty fucking clever, Cindy.Kudos.

DanHendersonsAsymetricSmile site profile image  

1/10/12 1:18 AM by DanHendersonsAsymetricSmile

Cris has more jawline than most of us

CindyO site profile image  

1/10/12 1:16 AM by CindyO

 Have them handle it like they would if it were a guy. Strip the title, let her pay her fine, serve her suspension and get back to work. I wouldn't expect them to publicly call her previous wins into question because they never did that to a man that I can recall. Cindy