Lyle Beerbohm chopping wood to feed five children, no one calling

by Joshua Molina | source:

Once a rising star, with a back story seemingly ripped out of a Hollywood script, Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm now struggles to remain relevant, following the UFC purchase of Strikeforce.

A meth addict who served prison time, he discovered mixed martial arts by watching The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV from a prison couch, and suddenly found his calling.

Upon his release from prison, he started training and made a successful entrance into the sport, racking up an impressive 9-0 start to his MMA career.

Now he hasn’t fought in nearly a year, after he tapped out to the sly submission artist Shinya Aoki. It was his second consecutive loss, after dropping a close, but unanimous decision to Pat Healy.

Beerbohm hasn’t heard a word from anyone at Strikeforce or the UFC since the Aoki fight. He’s reached out several times — and said he recently sent a text message to the Strikeforce matchmaker Sean Shelby, but didn’t receive a response.

“I have to get into the cage,” Beerbohm said. “I have to make money. I have (five) kids to feed.”

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RyannVonDoom site profile image  

1/16/12 6:21 PM by RyannVonDoom

Get fuck out.

Vivier site profile image  

1/16/12 4:43 PM by Vivier

YES! I remember now! You are so favorite UGer by far.

Mixed Martial Fartist site profile image  

1/15/12 10:18 AM by Mixed Martial Fartist

word is Lyle got seriously concussed while training... much more to this than article suggests.

JK3420 site profile image  

1/15/12 10:09 AM by JK3420


mmavixen site profile image  

1/15/12 8:50 AM by mmavixen

RVD - Thanks for coming to Lyle's defense.  I've known many people of all walks of life fall into drug addiction and like I said before, he has my utmost respect for turninghis life around.  The guys's not asking for a handout, he just wants to fight.  How the hell can anyone have a problem with that?  

mrantistupiditay site profile image  

1/15/12 12:44 AM by mrantistupiditay

OK, hear you, but why did he never disavow, after defending even after it was spelled out here (while he was actively posting)?

1ChromosomeTooMany site profile image  

1/14/12 2:34 PM by 1ChromosomeTooMany

Back before young UG'ers were worried about Fox Network Noobs (foobs), TUF 14 Noobs (14' tubes), and Brock Lesner noobs (boobs), the next great threat was an influx of Fancy Pants Noobs (fancy pubes).   

Vivier site profile image  

1/14/12 11:38 AM by Vivier

I must be getting alzheimer's...can't remember the story behind FancyPube.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

1/14/12 2:43 AM by time traveling 12er

Well, since it's not like they're going to create an extra fight for him, who should they bump so Lyle can get a fight?

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

1/14/12 2:38 AM by RyannVonDoom

He needed a sponsor for cash, so they stepped up. Nothing more, nothing less. He's not associated with any white supremacist group. Just because he fucked up before doesnt mean he fell into that crowd. I proudly call Lyle friend and he's done a lot to crawl out of the hole he made. and btw. I was Navy also, Submarine fleet.