Joe Rogan: I love Yamasaki; explains questioning of call

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From: Joe Rogan
Posted: 1/15/2011 3:45 AM
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He's a great guy, and I'm always happy to see him. When I step into the octagon however, I represent the people watching at home that might have obvious questions, and when something is controversial I'm forced to confront it honestly because that's what I would want to hear from a person in my position if I was a fan watching it at home.

It was obviously a controversial call, and I'm sure some of you agree with it, but I certainly think it's also possible to argue that it was a bad call. That was my perspective, so I had to express it. I'm not a perfect person, and I fuck up all the time. It's a part of life.

Great referees have made awful mistakes. Even the consensus nominee for the greatest referee of all time, my personal friend the great Big John McCarthy has made mistakes.
Remember when Bustamante had to tap out Matt Linland twice?

Calling fight as a referee is hard as FUCK. If I was a referee Dana would probably hate me more than he hates Mazagatti. I wouldn't want that job! That's a shit load of pressure.

I think Mario Yamasaki is one of the best in the world at refereeing MMA. No doubt about it.
He's got great insight to the sport, he's a life long martial artist, and he's a really smart guy.
What I was acting from, is that I saw an incredible young talent get denied a KO victory for a questionable call. When I entered into the Octagon and was told of the official ruling that Silva was going to be disqualified for illegal blows to the back of the head everyone that I was around who heard the news opened their mouths in shock. Everyone said, "what?"

The people in the truck couldn't believe it. I had to read it back to them because I thought it was a mistake, and when I leaned over to explain it to Goldie he couldn't believe it either.
I had to ask Mario about it. I didn't know how he was going to respond, but I had to ask him.

Erick Silva is a very promising fighter and I felt like I had a responsibility to adress the issue.
No disrespect intended.

In before TL;DR

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9/23/12 9:08 PM by la vengeance


MM-eh site profile image  

9/23/12 7:45 PM by MM-eh

 Mario Yamasaki added to to Twitter last night. Just sayin'.

ShowtimeKick site profile image  

9/23/12 7:30 PM by ShowtimeKick

One doesn't simply...Call out Joe Rogan

behzad site profile image  

9/23/12 7:26 PM by behzad

So who calls out joe rogan in the octagon when joe rogan fucks up

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9/23/12 6:01 PM by VinnyTheFreakinChin


VinnyTheFreakinChin site profile image  

2/23/12 7:32 AM by VinnyTheFreakinChin

 FUCK THE OSCARS!!! I made this video to let everyone in fuckin hollywood they suck and can kiss everyone's ass. Self important shitheads!

MsTapouTmagazine site profile image  

1/17/12 12:30 PM by MsTapouTmagazine

 Way to keep it REAL Joe.

Standup29 site profile image  

1/17/12 12:23 PM by Standup29

 I don't think Joe handled it wrong. He said what he thought and what many of us thought. He didn't go all Dana on him and just asked if he thought those shots were legal, it was a tough call for MArio and Joe seemed to treat it that way. Mario handled Joes questions very profesionally. I don't see what everyone is upset about. 

Jambo888 site profile image  

1/16/12 4:17 PM by Jambo888

good insight rogan. stepping in yourself to answer the questions...

UGCTT_DontToewsMeBro!! site profile image  

1/16/12 2:04 PM by UGCTT_DontToewsMeBro!!

I'm way late to this post. But this right here Is why I fucking love this forum seriously. Joe fuxking Rogan gets destroyed fight night then comes HERE to explain what he did. Awesome stuff.