Neer welcomes slugfest; not confident Ludwig will comply


On Friday, Neer (32-10-1 MMA, 5-6 UFC) embarks on the second fight of his fourth stint in the UFC, and he's fighting one of the better pure strikers in the welterweight division. Why wouldn't Duane "Bang" Ludwig (22-11 MMA, 4-2 UFC) want to go toe-to-toe?

Not so fast

"I'm going in just trying to win however," Neer told ( "I'm willing to stand up with him as long as he doesn't run from me. If he's going to hit and run from me, I'm going to take him down. If he wants to stand up and trade, I'm more than willing to trade."

You might not blame Ludwig for wanting to hit and run. The last guy to trade with Neer, Keith Wisniewski, ended up a bloody, cut-up mess after being hit with a boatload of elbows. By the end of the second round, it didn't matter if Wisniewski ran. There was too much blood, and the cageside doctor called off the fight and awarded Neer the win.

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X_Rated site profile image  

1/21/12 7:32 PM by X_Rated

It's funny to have confidence in your skills? I've seen technical strikers on paper get demolished by sloppy Joel's throwing looping punches. With the size of those gloves anybody can have a puncher's chance. That being said Bang is a fucking Muay Thai technician. That was beautiful to watch. Fan of both guys, and I think most people though Ldwig would win but I'm still happy for the dentist

whoabro site profile image  

1/21/12 7:26 PM by whoabro

Agree, but it was funny that he ever thought standing w bang was viable

Elite Alkemist site profile image  

1/21/12 7:16 PM by Elite Alkemist


Royce Nelson site profile image  

1/21/12 6:34 PM by Royce Nelson

He got lucky. If it didn't go to the ground he was definitely going to lose.

buchu8oolong site profile image  

1/21/12 6:10 PM by buchu8oolong

He tested the waters and was in over his head and adjusted. If anything, I wish a some other fighters I like could go to plan B a little more fluidly like that...Not like the guy went in and shot for a double after the glove touch.

MuchRespec' site profile image  

1/21/12 6:08 PM by MuchRespec'

Lulz. This ain't really about Josh it's about the UGers saying he'd be able to work Bang standing. Whatever it was a great fight and great win. Those two can square off every event for my money.

Elite Alkemist site profile image  

1/21/12 5:58 PM by Elite Alkemist

After almost getting KO'd by Bang, why the hell would he continue to stand? Isn't it his job to WIN? The fact that he was even able to take those shots and keep fighting just shows how solid Neer's chin is. He actually did stand for most of that first round, it just didn't work out in his favor. But he did win and that's what is most important to a fighter. Or should be at least.

captain_underwear site profile image  

1/21/12 5:30 PM by captain_underwear


haglerhearnsfan site profile image  

1/21/12 5:26 PM by haglerhearnsfan

I remember Neer being upset that Kurt Pellegrino did not keep his word

warfrog site profile image  

1/21/12 5:25 PM by warfrog

i know Josh didnt lie, he was goin to try to get the win any way possible. via stand up fight or gettin it to the ground. most people dont stand w josh, he was prolly expecting bang to trade a bit and then start back peddling, it didnt work out like that, lol. he did what ANY fighter would do.