Easton decisions Papazian in exciting bantamweight battle

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Mike Easton defeated Jared Papazian in their UFC on FX fight on Friday. The two put on a great display, and entertained the fans watching the company’s first show on the FOX cable channel.

Easton and Papazian got off to a quick start and aggressively punched each other in the clinch. The two traded dominant positions against the fence for a bit, but separated. Papazian circled his opponent as Easton controlled the center of the octagon. The two traded blows, but Easton moved forward more than the young Armenian fighter. The first round ended with a flurry of punches by both fighters.

Papazian continued to circle the octagon in the second round. Easton stayed active and worked combinations, but his opponent did well to counter with punches. A takedown by Easton put Papazian on his back, but the fight got back to the feet a short while later. The round ended with Easton putting Papazian on his back with a takedown one more time.

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Jared Papazian Vs. Mike Easton
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name Jared Papazian No Headshot Available
Height 5′ 9″ (175.26 cm)
Weight 151 (68.49 kg)
Record 13-6-1
Name Mike Easton No Headshot Available
Height 5′ 6″ (167.64 cm)
Weight 135 (61.23 kg)
Record 8-0-0
Team Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts
To Be Decided

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Recent Comments »

Art Corvelay site profile image  

1/21/12 5:27 PM by Art Corvelay

I was extremely impressed with Easton's ability to stay in the pocket and utilize head movement to minimize the punches he absorbed while trading. He would have had much greater success had he being slightly closer or had slightly greater reach. While I believe Easton had the advantage in reach or was tied on-paper, in terms of actual punching reach, I believe he was actually at a disadvantage.

captain_underwear site profile image  

1/21/12 5:24 PM by captain_underwear

I noticed his tiny-ass legs. If Pap had utilized the leg kicks from the go he would have finished him in the 3rd, dude is walking on toothpicks. Also, he was open for trhe uppercut and flying knee the whole fight.I wasnt impressed by him, he'll get beaten soon for sure.

kcbjj site profile image  

1/21/12 12:36 PM by kcbjj

Did anyone else notice Easton's enormous feet?

whoabro site profile image  

1/20/12 10:15 PM by whoabro


Art Corvelay site profile image  

1/20/12 10:08 PM by Art Corvelay

Easton already won.

lockon site profile image  

1/20/12 10:07 PM by lockon

Looked good, thought Papazian edged it out but whatever, close fight. Boxing technically and counter punching is risky when dealing with these judges

Dongbar site profile image  

1/20/12 10:06 PM by Dongbar

Easton vs. Dodson to decide the winner of UFC's most annoying personality!

SMS89 site profile image  

1/20/12 10:04 PM by SMS89

Sunset Park where are you!!!

mmavixen site profile image  

1/20/12 10:01 PM by mmavixen

 I had Papazian winning two rounds...oh well, he looked great for his UFC debut.

Bluto Blutarsky site profile image  

1/20/12 10:00 PM by Bluto Blutarsky

Good fight.


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