Dana White: GSP is training, hates Nick Diaz, could fight him this summer

source: fuel.tv

Georges St-Pierre recently made an GSP-pulling-for-Diaz-November-return/">appearance HDNet's Inside MMA, and said he hoped to be back in the cage on November and that he hoped it was against Nick Diaz, not the "very nice" Carlos Condit.

Diaz and Condit will fight for the Interim UFC Welterweight title at UFC 143 on February 4, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, live on Pay Per view. The title was vacated when a knee injury took GSP out of the game for an extended period.

Now, in an interview with Ariel Helwani, UFC President Dana White says that GSP is already back in training, and that he thinks the fight vs. Diaz could be as early as this Summer. And White says GSP hates Nick Diaz.

"GSP's rehab could not be going better," said White. "I kid you not, he texts me every day. Tonight during the fight, he was texting me pictures of him kicking, of him doing things.

"He says, 'I am praying every night when I go to bed that Nick Diaz wins this fight.' I have never seen Georges St. Pierre ... hate somebody. He hates Nick Diaz. I've never seen him hate somebody. I've never seen him so motivated to fight somebody, and to beat somebody as he is Nick Diaz.

"He's ahead of schedule now, being the freak of nature that he is, and the hard worker and dedicated athlete that he is, I think he's going to be back sooner than doctors anticipated."

Ariel Helwani sought clarification. "So perhaps the summer time?"

"Yes" said White.

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RileyPust site profile image  

1/22/12 10:37 PM by RileyPust

I don't even care about Diaz vs GSP at the moment, the Condit fight is going to be a much better fight. Two of the most tenacious fighters I've ever seen.GSP, on the other hand... will have his way with Nick all night. I actually think that Condit matches up with GSP better than Nick Diaz, personally.

SleepBomb site profile image  

1/22/12 10:22 PM by SleepBomb

 if he can't read then how can he read this?

Hugo Stiglitz site profile image  

1/22/12 9:49 PM by Hugo Stiglitz

Wanna have a grown up conversation with me?Honestly I don't think Diaz has the greatest boxing, he switches levels and throws his hands but he stands flat footed, with little head movement, with that being said his defense is offense. I don't think he will fair well against a guy with a game plan. Penn just brawled with him and I doubt Condit gets pulled into that, I know GSP wouldn't. The Daley fight could have gone either way, Diaz fights I like to watch and I hope he does well in the UFC. Mostly it's my own fault for getting trolled into these threads, to me it seems like most Diaz fans are new fans to the UFC.

Hugo Stiglitz site profile image  

1/22/12 9:38 PM by Hugo Stiglitz

True, I can not read..... My apologies....

Jetster site profile image  

1/22/12 9:35 PM by Jetster

That's because your a fan but also Objective...I am not a Diaz Fan but can admit he is a good fighter but for people to dismiss someone as good as Condit shows U how the nuthugging for Diaz has completely gotten outta control.

BadRobot321 site profile image  

1/22/12 8:33 PM by BadRobot321

U can't read can you?

BadRobot321 site profile image  

1/22/12 8:33 PM by BadRobot321

I take back what I said about your name. Asshole

Hugo Stiglitz site profile image  

1/22/12 8:30 PM by Hugo Stiglitz

BAHAHAHHAHAA, post of the day...... Yeah GSP doesn't have his style down?BAHAHAHHAHAHA

BadRobot321 site profile image  

1/22/12 8:09 PM by BadRobot321

I love ur name, but you arent giving nick enough credit. He is a very smart competitor. Condit and gsp are very smart fighters as well, but neither have their styles down as effectively and efficiently as nick does. Gsp is both efficient and effective, time will tell how they stack up.

Chris27 site profile image  

1/22/12 6:02 PM by Chris27

Dont like this, this is why GSP is hurt right now cause he had an injury, tried to rush back and got hurt worse.Why rush him back for the summer?Wait till the fall and if you have to wait till 2013.You're better off having him healthy for 2013 than risking him coming back in teh summer and injuring himself again and then he is out for 2013 or a good part of it.Take time, recover 100 percent, dont rush it, dont care how well he is doing right now, I say hold him till Nov atleast, dont rush him back for a quick big summer PPV. Dont care how low PPV numbers will be next year, dont risk it.