UFC.com hack criminal investigation underway, no customer info compromised

by Sergio Non | source: usatoday.com

On Sunday a group temporarily caused a redirect from UFC.com to a page protesting SOPA internet copyright legislation that parent company ZUFFA had publicly supported.


UFC.com on Sunday afternoon was briefly redirecting to another domain that identifies itself as the "Underground Nazi H4ck3rGr0up" site. UFC had things back to normal before 5:52 p.m. ET.

One individual identified himself as "JoshTheGod" on the domain to which UFC.com was redirecting. That person posted on Twitter at 4:51 p.m. ET to take credit for Sunday's incident.

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Corporate managment released a hard line statement to MMAFighting:

"On Sunday, January 22nd, the UFC.com website was redirected by a criminal hacker to another website. The UFC website was quickly restored to the control of the UFC, and there is no evidence suggesting that any confidential information belonging to the company or its customers was compromised by the re-direction of the website. UFC representatives are continuing to investigate the matter and are working with law enforcement agents to prosecute those involved."

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Howevever, the evening of the attack, UFC President Dana White responded nonchalantly, via Twitter.

I'm in the fight biz not the website biz!! Might be a big deal to other companies not mine.

Lol, I'm not fucking ebay. My website being down doesn't mean shit. I'm watchin FOOTBALL today :)

I could give a flying rats ass about UFC. Com :)

In good news, White's beloved Pats simulataneously advanced to the 2012 Super Bowl.

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Image that was placed as UFC.com's homepage:



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1/26/12 9:00 PM by octowussy

Is this thread real life?

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1/26/12 8:56 PM by Eric the midget

I 100% agree with you but the the liberal faggots are the ones that brought this on. They are all for changing the constitution and taking peoples rights. Repubs are cunts too BTW.

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1/25/12 6:53 AM by Zionist Zodiac Zephyr

Actually you had better pay the Germans, French, Hinda and Latin folk as well. If not I guess you had better stop talking! lol. Esperanto anyone!

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1/25/12 6:52 AM by Zionist Zodiac Zephyr

People who think sharing is stealing need to start paying the English for use of their invented language! lol

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1/25/12 6:20 AM by Naughty Gorilla

oh the ironing...

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1/24/12 10:06 PM by fob bob

big fan of ufc and the growing sport of mma, but at the cost of free will? fcuk no. graduated college and starting my job in 2 weeks. planned on hosting many saturday nights revolving around ufc. no more in 2012 for me as well.

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1/24/12 9:32 PM by Tweener

You're a moron if you really buy into political parties. It doesn't matter who gets elected - it's all the same - political agendas are for morons like you to blather on about retarded shit they know nothing about. When it comes down to it - politicians are all on the same side; it's the media that does all this liberal/conservative bullshit.Way to fall into it, by the way.

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1/24/12 9:29 PM by Eric the midget

freedom of speech? You dumb fucks vote liberals in office that pass laws that effect your freedoms everyday. Blame yourselves for voting these dumb-asses in office. Half you fucks are probably for gun control and laughed at everyone when they talked about the slippery slope those laws can bring us to. Not laughing now are you, liberal faggots. You reap what you sow, bitches

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1/24/12 9:23 PM by Eric the midget

Its just like any other law that has passed in the last 50 years.

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1/24/12 6:00 PM by noisebully

what? im not going as a protest for zuffa's support for SOPA as i dont feel comfortable throwing out 200 bucks to an organization that indirectly tells you to fuck your freedom of speech and fuck the internet.apart from the ufc, i actually have a life. so don't worry about me. i'm sure i'll find something else to do on a saturday night. lol.